PSMove and Pi-5K help if you are using it (no controller in HMD)

Yep if you use this and works well please share any info. I am at a cross roads as I really do not wish to drop moneys on Vive hardware while milking an official delivery date for pimax controller and base stations. I have everything setup with my old stuff 2 pseye cameras and so far 1 psmove controller to hopefully get it working. The main issue i hit is that granted controller lights up when steamvr is launched, I do not see the controller inside steamver :frowning: also teh bluetooth pairing drops often my x399M taichi has onboard bluetooth with up to date drivers.

Thanks in advance for any help offered

PS- running latest steamvrBridge 1.6

I’m not currently using PSMove controllers, but I did for a while(PSMove+OSVR). If you got steamvrbridge tracking the controllers, and the icons in SteamVR, I’m wondering if OpenVR-SpaceCalibrator would help. The controllers could be tracking correctly, but in a different ‘playspace’.

:frowning: ya gave me a taste of glory than left me hanging dry g-coded don’t let my post fool you. I am no vr jargon guru i bashed my head on some youtube vids to get to the point i am at. So, any details the more the better is greatly appreciated. Also i do not understand your reply a tad? with using psmoveservice and osvr you were all set in steamvr with your pimax 5k+ no issues?

tx again

This Saturday I managed to force PS Move to work with SteamVR.
I use 1 PS Eye and 1 PS Move. I installed according to the instructions:

SteamVR sees the camera and controller. Can be used in games.
I’m still fighting with buttons. I have problems assigning buttons in some applications. This is because Valve introduced a new API to operate input devices some time ago. Some applications support only the legacy version.
It’s possible that your problem is caused by the controller’s pairing problems. I use USB dongle (Gembird, I think).

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I haven’t used PSMove Service/Steamvrbridge in years, so I don’t know the state of how it’s working currently. I was just suggesting if you had it working, to try the space calibrator.

making slow progress thank you now at least my controller does not have bad pairing for often disconnect. Just still cannot pin point why no controller in hmd

omg soo close cant thank you enough just need to properly figure out room setup. I can see my controllers!!! this will save me some loot reserving it when official pimax hardware ships U_U

I am glad that I could help you at least a little. :smiley:
I am also waiting for the rest of the accessories from Pimax.
When I can understand the configuration of the keys, I will let you know. And if you managed to do it earlier, let me know please.

Cool and absolutely I will share back on key bindings, I keep inching closer room setup good just controller locations getting wacky in steamvr and cameras got flipped upside down somehow while i was checking out the Blu.

For me, the camera is normal. Sometimes it is moved to the left or right in SteamVR relative to the actual position.
You can center the PS Move position by applying the controller vertically to the HMD and pressing simultaneously Select and Start.

Dag Nabbit i am now also stuck on controller bindings, granted trigger is enter/select in steamvr once i fire up beat saber even though i pick psmove config in controller bindings, only thing i get is the laser pointer from the move controller. I cannot hit enter on agree to proceed.

lastly granted i set 2 diff colors to each move controller steamvr sees them as same color threfore the bulbs are a top each other