PSA Taxes might be a website error or unintentional. Wait for confirmation from Pimax

Friend from Discord posted no taxes charged from US. Others are reporting taxes over 200 USD

Pimax please clarify what is going on.

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I’m not seeing taxes either (DK) which would make sense if they’re sent from a EU (Germany) warehouse.


Pimax, please clarify the Tax situation, I don’t think anyone expected the tax to be added since we (as backers) did not pay tax or customs on the Kickstarter Pledge.
I think some people will be holding-off purchasing a new HMD because of this…

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Hmmm. Taxes are gone for me now (UK).

Can’t select my county though on the check out page. Only have a choice of four in the south of england! Better not put my address as Edinburgh, London. Might confuse the delivery process. :joy::joy::joy:

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For me there was also the option to select ‘England’ in the STATE/PROVINCE box.

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You can already set your country and destination address in your profile, then it should be taken over in the order form.

Ah, thanks NoamLoop.

Ah yeah, I have England choice, but no Scotland.

Interesting…taxes aren’t showing up for me anymore now either. I didn’t go through the entire order process because I plan to wait for more review impressions…but I didn’t see a shipping charge either. My total for the 8KX just says $949 with Option C. I already sold my 5k+ so I’d be cool with the $949 total price if the 8KX reviews are really good.

Edit: so I went through the process right before payment and there was a $60 shipping charge…I’m still cool with that as long as the reviews are super positive

For me (Germany) taxes appeared when going through the process just before confirming the order, they aren’t shown in the first few steps. (Didn’t order anything, was just curious about the taxes thing).
Conceptionally I would be fine with Pimax paying taxes already. As long as customs won’t ask for them again…


Ah yeah, Taxes are appearing for me now on the last stage.

Also, they ask for previous order number to confirm the upgrade for those that were asking that.

Really? No shipping charge? Are you a backer?

I went further the process right before payment and a shipping charge of $60 showed. Still didn’t see any taxes though…yes I was a backer

Are in the UK? Using VPN?

I am in the USA, so no VPN needed

Everyone should wait and get clarification from Pimax Reps before throwing that money into the sink.

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Yesterday I saw taxes for Germany :de:
And in part an additional 100$ that should not be there
And coupon from pimax was not accepted

Haven’t checked tonight

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Theres all types of pricing discrepancies on the website and Pimax has yet to even acknowledge they exist…

Worst part is Pimax said its “first come first serve” so people are rushing to place orders to get in line all while paying more then they should. Who wants to place a bet that the first few preorders will get refunded their over payments?

Jus did the checkout process out of curiosity, and getting almost $240 for shipping and taxes to Spain, just crazy.


It was 60~70€ Shipping to Germany for me and 19% Taxes.
I would have ordered if the prices match up but on the end it was about 260$ more in the total price
So I hope they fix that