PSA - Fallout 4 VR Mod - Contrast Adaptive Sharpening

This just came out. Very noticeable improvement. You need to revert any TSA adjustments you’ve made in Fallout4Custom.ini


awesome!!! I was going to do a Christmas playthough. Nice to see more improvements being made

Thanks for the info

No worries. I literally stumbled upon it.

It really is night and day. I’m stunned how good it looks.

Yeah just tried this out last night and it really does look pretty incredible. However it just reinforced to me again how badly I need to upgrade my 1080ti. I’ve got the SS turned down to 70% and the game still does not play smoothly but it looks extremely good. It finally got smooth when I brought it all the way down to 20% but of course it no longer looked good then. It surprisingly still looked OK but there was no way I was going to play it like that after seeing what it can look like. When I had it set to 100% SS it was just stunning looking. I am hoping that the rumored 3080ti actually does release in January and that it will be possible to get one sometime in the near future.

Just got my 3090 so can’t wait to try this out.

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tell us how it is :slight_smile:

try to follow this to install a ton of mods first…

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Well, I finally got the Fallout VR Essentials loaded. I get a solid 90 fps!!! Very clear, not the mushy mess before all the mods. Hard to believe the adaptive shading will make it even clearer?

I have fpsVR loaded and my CPU and GPU are barely being used.

I have a 9900K at 5 ghz and a new nvidia rtx 2090. I’m running Pimax RQ 1.0 and Steam SS 100%

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I tried it yesterday and it looks amazing. Best I’ve ever seen it… :wink:

Just make a backup of the .dll file before overwriting it and give it a go? :upside_down_face:

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I have not played this game for ages. How can I adjust my height so I can play seated.

I think it uses the steam roomscale setup. So I’d just try that.

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