PS4 Camera V2 or multiple PS3 Camera's - which is better?

PS4 Camera V2 or multiple PS3 Camera’s - which is better ?

Ive purchased a Pimax and would like to know which tracking camera to use ?
Also does it make a difference if i use ps4 psmove controllers or ps3 psmove controllers ?


Or is the kinect better for tracking ? Eliminating the need for multiple cameras…

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The ps4 camera unless its changed recently can’t be used by the pc.

The kinect @pho3nix is reported to be better. However the kinect is very heavy on usb bandwidth & should be on its own usb chipset (ie add on pci-x card) or perhaps connected to usb 3.0 port.

May need beefy cpu.


Thanks @Heliosurge

now the only other issue i have is whether ps4 move controller is compatible ,with the kinect setup [PSmoveservice - OSVR] or whatever software would control the kinect.

i do apologize but i am new to all of this and heavily rely on tried and tested methods.

System spec:

i7 6700 Intel
24 gig 2400mhz DDR4
1080 TI GTX Zotac

If your using steam i reccommend looking into Drvr4vr

Greg there has developed essentially a vr driver manager that supports kinect, psmove & leap motion.

He asks for a 1 time fee of something like $15. His program just needs to call home once a month. Just use the search function here in the forums. There is a few discussions regarding Drvr4vr.

Yes you can use ps4 move controller with kinect with Greg’s Drvr4vr.

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