Protection from light: curtains for the nose

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Thank you for making this incredible product for us, which surpasses the current models minimum for a couple of generations. I understand that you have already invested a lot in the creation of the 8K. But as a final touch, I would like to offer a small supplement that will increase comfort.

Still it is necessary to add curtains at a nose, as it is made at Samsung Odyssey. This is just an incredibly successful idea, which protects well from the light and is practically not felt on the nose. This solution will not let light into the HMD. Every time I wear Odyssey, I’m very well protected from external rays and glare, thanks to just these two nice curtains. Do this for total comfort!
Thank you!


I also propose to vote “for” or “against”.

  • Curtains for the nose
  • Nose without curtains, emptiness

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Maybe it bothers those who wear glasses, if they can wear them.

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I found problem with every headset, it has too much room for nose and can see the floor or light. I understand that it is size for everyone, but too much big for asian.

Judging by the last photo, in the nose - emptiness, and such curtains there would be very handy.

Oculus Rift CV1 always had problems with skipping light into the headset because the nose cavity is empty. And Odyssey does not have such problems, it’s very pleasant to use, the light does not miss the curtains, which do not interfere with the nose.

And even if they interfere - they easily bend or cut off.

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Well, I have to say that I have the PS VR that has exactly the same nose curtains, and at least to me…these are VERY uncomfortable and itchy.
Personally I would way much more prefer a foam nose design like the one used by Lenovo on their Explorer WMR.

So, I want to say that the main advantage of these curtains is that they are suitable for all users. Since if they do not fit or interfere with the nose, they can simply be cut off or bent behind the lenses.

In my opinion, foam in the nose, on the contrary, stops the nose and presses on it. Yes, and it quickly gets dirty with greasy noses, snot, and so on.

And rubber curtains are very easy to wipe off dust.

I was surprised myself when I got my Odyssey, and when I put it on my head, I did not feel the curtains on my nose, though they lay right on my nose!

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Honestly, I don’t really care, so I’m not voting in the poll. I’ll be using my headset in a darkened room, so I won’t be bothered by stray light.

I currently have the Oculus Rift, which has a nose gap, and I would have to say that I prefer to keep the gap.

  • It is useful since it allows you to somewhat easily view things outside of the headset ie looking at your monitor/keyboard when debugging/changing setttings/etc.

  • Just as important, or more so, is that it allows you to view the real world in case something nausea-inducing is being displayed.

  • I suffer from some serious VR sickness so the having that “anchor” is actually very helpful.

  • It gives you a vent for excess humidity. IE glasses vs swim mask.

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this could come out very handy :wink:

We’re good there :wink:


I like the one in the vive pro… It looks like they were inspired by flower petals. It is supposed to feel comfortable and not let any light leak in what so ever.
Looks pretty good to me.
I hope the pimax 8k has something like that. And i can place it on my face without any light leaking in… Would be perfect.

The Vive Pro‘s implementation is the best I have used so far. Completely unobtrusive and close to 100% effective.