Proposal Moving Forward

PiMax Team:_(@deletedpimaxrep1 @Matthew.Xu @PimaxVR) _ It has been asked often for your team to use the KickStarter Update to ensure all backers receive updates. To this end I propose:

-Simple scheduled updates say every 2wks?

Ie _Jan 21 2018
Greetings VR Futurists!

We have a our teams working on the following:
-Our engineers continue to explore solutions to acheive stable refresh of 85 to 90hz.
-Optimizing drivers & software
-Tweaking Case design for strength & weight etc


When you have finalised a detail you can repost highlighting it as Finalised & post details on specification.

You will want to post 4 copies.

  1. Kickstarter Update
  2. Facebook Page
  3. pimax Forum
    -Create 5k/8k closed topic to contain only your updates (no replies)
    -New topic ie “5k/8k update January 21 2018” folks can reply to update info here. Once new update rolls out this topic closed & new Topic created for new update.

If there is no new developments repost last update maybe with a proposed timeline on completion of an item.


Community: While I can understand that at times Passions run high. We need to get the forums flowing in a more positive manner. To this end I propose…

  1. Ops Please examine your topics. Relevant topics that are big with replies. Please create a new topic with a link to your old topic’s first post. Then please post in your old topic

Fellow users with Leadership user levels close topic as requested.

  1. If you think your topic is maybe not needed please post

Final Considerations: Lets try to keep an open mind. Unless the Team presents a Prototype as final; lets try & reframe from reacting negatively.

Until they say something to the effect “We know it sucks but were shipping it to you anyway.”


That sounds good to me.

It’s clear that there were some issues at CES. While that’s worrisome, it’s not what really matters. What does: Shipping a high-quality, comfortable, high res, high FOV headset, and controllers, in a timely fashion.

If Pimax can do that, I think they will go far.


@Cdaked & @benz145 & other media representatives.

I agree with a disclaimer on the idea of 5k/8k. But perhaps a better way to explain it would be to use Aspect Ratio. By doing this can clear things up & increase accuracy. Example

The PiMax 8k features an overal resolution 2160p (76802160) with an ultra wide aspect Ratio of 32:9. The 7680 is rounded up & this why they call it 8k. Now 8k at a 16:9 aspect ratio would be 4320p (76804320).

This could also be something that could be discussed as using aspect ratio in VR specifications.

@Cdaked maybe create a new topic on proposing name changes.

I think a good topic would also be to help developing a proposed Standard on VR Hmd spec reporting.


Just to encourage the backers:

The best marketing.


How wide is it, Charlton?


Regular updates were suggested a long time ago… so yeah I support this.

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Crikey, that really puts it in perspective!


Thats awesome! I also aded Oculus Go, Gear VR & Pimax 5k



I’m tease you here : You know your encouraging Pimax 8K marketing hype with this graphic :wink:

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It’s good to include Oculus Go and Gear VR, but the measurements of the 5K are incorrect, they have to be 1440p at the yellow height and be in proportion.
In any case, at the marketing level, the 5K subtracts a lot of force from the 8K image; At least it should have a color equal to that of the 8K and leave the 8K with a slightly darker tone.


From all the perceived “BAD” news from the CES 2018 their is glimpse of good news

1- nobody announced a Pimax 8K killer headset this year.
2- HTC is still keeping the high level VR market alive with another version of the Vive
but at 110-120FOV 3K. The will means new applications and maybe more professional ones
3- Pimax is still working a on new prototypes and first impression of 200 FOV are still great
4- Wireless solution are still coming in and only in summer the intel WiGi solution will be available
5- no eyes tracking solution adopted by major players in a final consumer product

So Pimax still have time to finish the 8K and bring it to the market


If this graphic is a technical one the input resolution should be showed with a doted line rectangle

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I found it, it’s not mine.

Looking at that chart illustrates the leap pimax is trying to achieve here.


With the 5k in the image, there is no need, because the input resolution is the same as the 5k


a little more arrogant… :sunglasses:


@4rcane this^^^^

Horizon sounds good. The future of VR now

Or BFH Big Fu*@#ng Headset :wink:


I so like the name “Pimax Horizon” for the 8k. Its a god damn perfect fit name and i’ve said in tother threads aswell.


That’s the spirit! good one!

With one “Is it clear?”