Project Wingman?

I am considering trying this new title a spin. Anyone playing this that can share their experience. How is the performance with the 8k X?

Note: Yes, I know is not a simulator but more arcade type game.


I am getting 45 fps with valve Index 130% resolution scale 90hz Mod ingame settings maxed out . 100% res ingame scaler.
Rtx 3090
I9 9900k
3600mhz DDR4 cl17 RAM
Latest drivers and Windows

I would love to read about graphics tweaks from you guys . :pray:
The game is AMAZING btw

I will take it for a spin in a bit. Just purchased it.

I am on a 2080 TI, 9900K at 3.6GHZ, 32 GB @ 2666MHZ.

Hope it runs ok

I briefly tried it yesterday, it doesnt run very good on my old 1080TI with my 8k+.
I will have to raise settings because I find it dark and kind of blurry which is unusual with my 8k+.
But performances will be bad.

Beside this very good action.
I just dont like that I cant hear the engine of my aircraft.

I read on some reddit subs that there are some graphic rendering bugs and that the Dev is looking to fix it.


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