Project Cars - Clipping at Edge of Lens

I just got hold of Project Cars, and it works mostly very well in 1440p, on 1.1.92.

One big problem I have though is that the trees and objects at the edges disappear as you turn your head. It seems like PCars VR was made for a headset with lower fov, and my headset is displaying all the textures popping in. It is really distracting.

Does anyone know of a fix for this?

Pretty sure Project Cars has multiple FOV sliders for different aspects of the camera in the options menu, I’ll double check later on.

Just tried Adrift on Steam VR, and it has terrible clipping (mostly within the space helmet) Not sure if there is anything we’ll be able to do with this, shame because it looks great otherwise

This is 1.1.92 issue, makes not much sense to report that issue for the old version of piplay.

New version fixes clipping?

I was asking if anyone knew a fix. Seems most people around here use 1.1.92.

It might fix clipping but I believe the new versions also mess up the menus (?). As they do in Dirt Rally, a few other games, and in Steam VR. I love my Dirt Rally so it’s 1.1.92 only from now on, unless they go back to their old Steam VR-compatible rendering.

yes, it does
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Oh damn, i forgot about Dirt Rally, gotta try that out in the Pimax

Also, wheres the beta opt in within the Steam VR dashboard?

It isn’t in the dashboard. In the normal steam window, go to Library>VR>Tools and right click Steam VR. Go to properties and you should see the betas tab there.

What do you recommend in terms of how much Supersampling to apply, does it make a notable difference on top of the already good 2k res

Oh it makes a big difference, but how much depends on your system. It dramatically kills performance, so you will want to find a balance. I can’t go past 1.1 on things like Project Cars. I’d say see what your system can handle on Project Cars, and keep it at that, cos pretty much all other games have better performance.

Also, I am not sure if this is placebo or not, but I am sure I get a performance boost by doing the DSR trick I mentioned. I might be wrong. Or my pc might be weird. Difficult to tell without an FPS count.

Just did a quick test with Steam SS, just with the chaperone and backdrop, haven’t noticed anything yet, but will test a game next

On that note, i also tried Steam VR in extended mode, and restarted Steam VR, and the gives me “hmm, that shouldn’t have happened” so i restart it again, and it loads in extended mode, but it’s just the regular chaperone with the Steam VR backdrop, how does setting it to extended mode normally work for you?

That is extended mode. I generally only use it for a few games, like Half Life 2. If you close or move the compositor, or close steam, you should get the desktop showing in the background.

Strange, i still can’t see any difference in Steam VR Supersampling, even cranked up to 2.4, also the option is available there for me, even without the beta opt in? Think i might uninstall Oculus software, see if that makes any difference

Reddit post on people saying that it has made their image quality worse, something i noticed when i tried Adrft on Steam VR, thing is now that i’ve opted for the beta, and opted back out again, the SS options wont go away! Now adrift looks more like 1080p than 2k.

Have you tried deleting the steamvr.settings file? Maybe that will help.

I had no idea about the new SS. I only use 1.0 anyway, and for me it actually looks much better than before.

Now i’m thinking that when i viewed adrift for the first time, i had some kind of placebo effect, because strangely enough every other VR app looks just as good as it did before (virtual desktop etc). I’ve left the slider at 1 also, not to mention it was just adrift that i was testing the Steam VR supersampling on, i branched out a little and found out it does indeed work on other apps (though not very well) as soon as i go past 1.3 the right eye goes blank in literally any app that it “works” with Steam VR SS, do you find this also? I’ve tried this as well GitHub - matzman666/OpenVR-AdvancedSettings: OpenVR Advanced Settings Dashboard Overlay with very much the same results

I did notice that, yeah. Did you do the DSR thing I mentioned?I think it messes with SS somehow. But my pc would die if Iwent past 1.3 anyway.

In what way does it mess with SteamVR SS? I’m not sure how that could be implemented in VR as they are only desktop resolutions…even though…i will still try it, considering SteamVr SS doesn’t seem to do anything on it’s own it’ll be worth a try, but at least now i know that Steams SS didn’t mess up the image quality after all (it was just adrift). But at this rate i’d be better off plugging my Oculus back in and using its own SS to achieve better quality than the Pimax in VR games, though the Pimax is still better visually in extended mode…