Project Cars 2 Without Parallel Projections

So I really hate to post a new topic on this old discussion (since there are more than a few threads regarding this) but I can’t post on any of the old ones since it has been more 60 days and the topics are closed.

I currently have the Pimax 8k (not plus) and I’ve been really struggling to make Pcars2 run without PP.

I have followed all the tutorials.
Created the steam_appid text file with 378860 in it.
I’ve also copied over the LibOVRRT files in the game folders.


But everytime I launch the game from the PiTool (using the direct shortcut) it keeps launching steamVR and I get the crosseyes in game.


I’ve been using the latest pitool, and upgraded to the newest one today (V1.0.1.269) and still the same problem.

Is this just completely broken with the latest version? Only reason I didn’t want to downgrade is because I use the motion compensation for my sim rig which is found in the newer versions.

Apologies if this is in the wrong section.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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It is broken in the more recent versions of Pitool.

Use the shortcut workaround posted in the below thread


There is a way to do it. But the app id method no longer works.

Maybe @XabbuSwe I think knows the new method. It involves creating a batch or shortcut using comand line switches to launch in Oculus mode.

@Alex.liu has been notified of this and that it was working prior to pitool 264. Iirc 260 had best performance.

Note @acegamer beat me to it. :laughing:

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What motion rig are you using if I may ask?

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Thank you so much guys for pointing me in the right direction.
So I was able to make it work with PP off using the shortcut method, but boy did it take a large hit in performance. I guess until the new pitool is updated with a fix, SteamVR seems to be the best way to run it (at least in my case).

@reptilexcq I’m using a DOF Reality H3 rig.


I strongly recommend NOT using PiTool‘s Motion Compensation and use OVRMC instead.

Also, SRS are working on a low cost solution to Motion Compensation using OVRMC and a proprietary sensor. Should be available in a month or two.

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fyi the latest work around to launch pc2 in oculus mode without pp is pointless. it looks like it works but it actually does not improve performance, it even seems to be more expensive somehow. i dont understand how or why but i went back to pp + steamvr.

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And here I’m just starting to play Pcars 1 & 2 for the first time yesterday with Pimax 8KX and thinking that playing them with PP on is the only way to go lol.

I tested out the games without PP off, man it looks so good. Everything seems sharp and nice and please to the eyes. But when the game start, I’m getting crossed eyes vision wtf? I don’t know what ever happened but Pimax need to fix this and allow people to play without PP because it looks so good.


I just tested out Pimax 8KX without PP and it work on PCars 1 & 2. As far as performance hit, I don’t see much difference from using PP. I have RTX 3090.

I was able to launch directly from PE with PP off? I thought people say you have to run from a shortcut or something. I don’t know what I did, but it works for me…BOTH GAMES.

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