Problems with Pimax client v1.10

MMMMmmm just been prompted to download this by the client was getting 64 fps before now im getting single figures FPS 4-6 Looking at
GPU usage its at 9% - cmon guys did no one test this before release? anyone else experiencing this or is it just me




Before publishing the version, we conducted multiple tests to ensure that there were no major bugs that would negatively impact the gaming experience.
Have you attempted to uninstall and reinstall the client to see if this resolves the problem? Sometimes this can help to resolve issues and improve the performance of the software.

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i am reliably informed 1.10 has a few bugs which will be removed in your new client version 1.11


My biggest gripe is that the Screen saver does NOT work … I have tried everything to get it working in Win 10 but it refuses and I hate having the screen on allowing burn in and other problems.


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I also had exactly that experience (3-4FPS before crashes with MSFS, Dirt Rally 2.0) with 1.10 - the latest available version to testers. This was on Crystal FYI. I also had issues that Oculus games wouldn’t run. I hope 1.11 has these issues fixed.

My only issue i am seeing with 1.10 so far.
is it keeps changing my default audio settings on my pc without my permission.
and i know 1.7 did not do this(but that version caused a weird lag/tearing issue when moving my head)

i have it to where my main speakers are set default, yet pitool client 1.10 just AUTO sets it to its 8KX speakers…and i have to keep going back and setting my speakers to default to hear.


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