Problem with opencomposite

I’m expirencing issue with opencomposite related games. I have latest PimaxXR (0.4.4) and OpenXrToolKit (1.3.2) apps.
Native openxr games like DCS and FS2020 works fine but those which need opencomposite runtime ( like Il-2 , DirtRally 2) gives me error.
Any idea how to solve this problem ?


Funny - I don’t even have c:\projects.… catalog in my PC. OpenComposite is in a different location in my drive

What if a clean reinstallation of the OpenComposite?

try to go for safe mode in openxr toolkit

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Yata did you solve it? I also have one game that does not work with OpenComposite (Fallout 4). It was succesful start first time, I set some settings, and now it does not even start.
I tried OpenXR Toolkit in safe mode, and I did spammed Ctrl+F1+F2+F3 a lot, but the settings are not reset.
ps: I am not at home, so I can not say what was in error window, it was something about “controller configuration problem”…

yes , after some open composite updates starts working at least with IL2, still have problem with Dirt Rally 2.0

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for me it work when i :

enabled safe mode in openxr toolkit

start game

ctrl+f2 and go in to the section and do restore to defualt settings.

work for me after that ,

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