Problem with 8K+ at 110hz

My 8K+ works fine at 90hz but if I set it to 110hz I get a vertical bar of light - I can’t see exactly what it is - both at the extreme left and right edge of the screen no matter the FOV.

Also when I set the HMD back to 90hz from 110hz although PiTool shows that it is fine I get a red light on the HMD and have to reboot 2 or 3 times before it will work normally.

Do other users of an 8K+ have these problems?

@dstar You have an 8K+, how is 110hz working for you?

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it works for me most of the time, but I remember seeing a streak on the edge of one or two games with PP.

However, I prefer 90Hz (without Smartsmooth) as 110Hz has little gosting because the displays are run in overdrive. The overall performance is also much better with 90Hz.

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So you don’t see a vertical bar of light at the extreme left and right edge of the screen even on the Pimax start screen?

On the startsceen? Nope

Ahh, try to disable the screensaver…

It’s not on the screen in fact, it’s as if light was coming in from the left and right side of the HMD and it’s all the time also in games. Anyway thanks for the reply and for the moment I will just use 90hz.

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