Problem on extended mode

Hello, i’m French sorry for my english.

i have a 980Ti nvidia card with version 375.95
windows 10 64b

my pimax works correctly on mode direct on steam, i need to perfect the IPD but that work. I can start bigscreen and subnautica.

But if i would like play at an other game i try to use the extended mode.
Ok i get some time to understand that i needed to extend configuration screen under windows and i get some many time to unlock the screen resolution to 2560X1440 that work now.
but the problem now in extended mod if i try to see the windows desktop on my pimax i see my desktop background picture not correctly on left i see the left of the picture on the right eye i see the right of my picture but i don’t see the middle of my picture. I tryed to change the IPD but that made nothing best :frowning2:

and now my problem is to start a game on this resolution, I put my pimax extended on primary screen and then i start my game like “Rising world”. The problem i see my game not correctly i think i see the game video crushed on middle.

somebody have idea?

and for information i can’t download movie or picture or game always says me after 1 or 3% no more network please try later :frowning:

Ok if i start American Truck in extended mode. I have before modified the config file on this game to 2560X1440, i see the log TRUCK on front but TR on the Right eye and UCK on left

It does not sound like those games are in side by side. In extended mode the screen is just mirrored so whatever you see on your monitor is mirrored in your head set. So games need to be in side by side on your monitor for vr effect.

The will lead a chaos of your desktop icons. But if you unistall the PIX plug-in, there will be no longer you meet this problem.

but I never see my desktop correctly on the pimax in extended mode. The only pimax logo is seem to be correct when it’s appear on the pimax instead of the desktop. Very strange.
For information i bought vorpx too. But i can’t use too…
Only the steam htc vive game works on pimax mode when the driver pimax works and when i don’t have a crash with piservice.exe error…
For moment this VR pimax is not a good experience for me.

Other question, on steam I have got ARK, i know is compatible with Oculus but when i start the game it does not detect the VR, the option on the game is not active. That if i doesn’t installed the oculus driver.

if i had the oculus driver, and restart my computer the pimax never start correctly and Ark game not detect the pimax.

Si quelqu’un veut mon retour en Francais car en Anglais c’est un peu dur pour moi c’est avec plaisir. Si ca peut vous permettre de faire votre avis avant de l’acheter.

I Made a new test in Extended mode. with pimax 1.1.74 and without pix.exe . Extended mode at 1920X1080. I create a notepad File on the screen with policy Consolas, Normal and 72. A wrote:
ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ that appear on all the screen.

What i see with pimax extended mode: BCDEGVWXYZ :frowning:
I lose the middle of the screen.

I would like to say it is not a problem with my eye because i can play with the pimax on steam game like INMIND VR on Direct Mode… So i don’t understand the problem…

The problem is that you are using the PIMAX as a second monitor when you run your test. There is only one image using the entire PIMAX display and each eye can only see part of the display. You need an application that displays two images on the PIMAX display, one for each eye (i.e. SBS mode).

OK perfect dzeek for my understanding so like Vorpx ? normaly compatible with oculus and steam? the problem is in extended mode Vorpx don’t see the pimax. Vorpx works only when i start a game (for moment only skyrim and for Farming simulator is too dark to see something in game) with pimax on direct mode.
Somebody use the pimax on extended mode ? and with which software and which game ?

You can use side by side injectors like tridef, or rehsade depth map 3d, there is no head tracking. You can use external head tracking software and camera (you have to build a led clip)

Another head tracking solution is to use a android phone with the head tracking app and something like free pie or opentrack to read it, although when i have tried it, it will work for a few minutes and then stop. your millage may vary.

Sorry, I don’t know. I have not used Vorpx. This post by Feranti might also help.

Vorpx won’t work in extended, i can not get it to work in direct but believe it should work.
I have not had any problems with the screen being dark with vorpx in pimax mode, is there a brightness slider in game you can adjust (sometimes called gamma). Also try running your desktop in a higher resolution (2k) with the utility on here to increase resolution. THat makes the picture considerably more clearer and brighter on the pimax display.

For extended use one of the programs i mention above. tridef or the free reshade. anything that outputs sbs to a monitor will work BUT no head tracking, the quality can be outstanding tho.

SBS in extended mode with headtracking would be the best way to play pc games in VR.

I am sure someone with better technical skills than me could get the headtracking working in extended mode.