Problem being issued with pimax voucher Ticket 22284

Hi all.

I have been in touch with pimax and raised a ticked to get my pimax vouchers.

I have been issued a voucher for downgrading my 8k to a 5k+, however there appears to be confusion around my second voucher. I should be able to claim another $100 voucher for the kickstarter accessories/stretch goals changes? or was this specifically as compensation for eye tracking?

I have not been issued another voucher and support has not gotten back to me. The last messages I recieved were raising confusion over the nature of this second voucher.

Surely im not mistaken as ive mentioned these vouchers on the forum before and Im sure it was confirmed so I dont understand why support is not understanding?

Has anyone who downgraded to a 5k+ managed to get both vouchers?


what accessories/stretch goals changes do you mean? i think the only other thing is a “special 100$ off” when you use a upgrade to 8k+ or X


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