Private Beta Build v0.31 - Freely Move UI in XYZ axis with VR controllers!

After installing the new PiToolSetup_1.0.2.071, you NEED to replace the content of folder C:\Program Files\Pimax\PVRHome\ with the content of the folder \PVRHome_v0.31\ Included in this ZIP/RAR file!!!

Bundled with NEW VERSION PiToolSetup_1.0.2.071. The PiTool is REQUIRED to be installed. Download link below: (same link, new folder PVRHome_Beta_v0.31). Available in compressed RAR and ZIP file:

Beta v0.31

Release Notes:

  1. New Feature: Added ability to adjust the XYZ position of the UI (move around the entire UI) by clicking and dragging an icon/button right next to the Pimax VR Experience banner. The UI canvas had to be slightly re-made to make this working, but it doesnt seem to brake any functionality with any other UI elements. Free movement is possible in X, Y and Z axis, working with both left and right controller (the active one that uses laser). The feature is currently NOT possible with hand-tracking yet, as its a little but more complicated, but Im working on it. In upcoming versions of VR Experience, the custom position will be saved in the user profile, but currently its not.

  2. Fix: Solved a bug where hand-tracking pointers were rendered behind drop-down menus. Now they are properly rendered on top of drop-down menus.

  3. Fix: Adjusted the hand-tracking click/scroll sensitivity, and should now make it slightly easier to click and scroll. Im currently working on adding sensitivity-sliders for personalized adjustments.

  4. Fix: Removed haptic-feedback (vibration) from controllers upon clicks and hovering over buttons/items when Hand-Tracking mode is active.

  5. Fix: Removed the non-working left hand popup which was accidentially visible in version Beta 0.30. This popup is no longer needed, as UI position movement now is made as described in point 1 above.

How to get started (IMPORTANT)

  1. Install the included PiTool version (file PiToolSetup_1.0.2.071.exe)
  2. Open PiTool, go to Settings → General and DISABLE/UNCHECK “Start Pimax VR Home”
  3. Go to C:\Program Files\Pimax\PVRHome\ and remove all content inside the folder.
  4. Copy all content from the \PVRHomev0.31\ folder provided in this RAR file, and paste it into C:\Program Files\Pimax\PVRHome\
  5. In PiTool, go to Settings → General and ENABLE/CHECK “Start Pimax VR Home”

Pimax VR Experience should now start in the background and inside your Pimax VR headset.

Check the Unity log file:

The log is created every time you exit the application.
So to be able to read the log, exit Pimax VR Experience first, by:

  • opening PiTool, go to Settings → General and DISABLE/UNCHECK “Start Pimax VR Home”
  • Click on the Quit button (bottom bar) in the Pimax VR Experience

The log file is called:
The previously created log is (previous instance of the application running):

Game Appdata files & config

The program appdata files, user settings file, favorites etc that are used by VR Experience are located in:

User Settings profile:

Other useful info

Game import-data profiles (SteamVR/VivePort/Revive) are located in:


Game import-data profiles (Oculus/Imported) are located in (temporary solution):

Game SETTINGS profiles (SteamVR/Oculus/VivePort/Imported) are located in:

Favorites import-data profiles are located in:

SteamVR Optimization profiles for SteamVR/VivePort/Imported games are located in:

Thank you for helping out!
/ Martin, SweViver