Private Beta Build v0.24b

A few requested features added today, check the Release Notes!

Bundled with required PiTool version. Download link below: (same link, new folder PVRHome_Beta_v0.24). Available in compressed RAR and ZIP file:

Beta v0.24

Release Notes:

  1. (Requested feature) Cross-links added! Game-Menu is now crosslinked with Settings page, Edit Profile page and Manual SteamVR Optimization page. This means you can easily jump between the selected game, to edit profile, edit SteamVR Optimization Profile and instantly back to the game and launch it without having to click and browse for the game again. Editing multiple profiles is now easier as you can quickly jump between the Settings/Edit Profile page and the Game Page by clicking the new icons.

  2. (Requested feature) Time-stamps should now be correct in the log (Player.log) file, including date + time (down to milliseconds)

  3. Fixed a bug when game has illegal characters in title (profiles were not always loaded). Illegal characters are now removed as soon as they are found in a game profile, which means this issue should not exists anymore. If a new game gets imported with illegal character, this should be automatically taken care of instantly upon import.

  4. Update v0.24b: Fixed a bug in Manual SteamVR optimization where Apply-button was sometimes not active or responding.

How to get started:

  1. Install the included PiTool version (file PiToolSetup_1.0.2.069.exe)
  2. Open PiTool, go to Settings → General and DISABLE/UNCHECK “Start Pimax VR Home”
  3. Go to C:\Program Files\Pimax\PVRHome\ and remove all content inside the folder.
  4. Copy all content from the \PVRHome folder provided in this RAR file, and paste it into C:\Program Files\Pimax\PVRHome\
  5. In PiTool, go to Settings → General and ENABLE/CHECK “Start Pimax VR Home”

Pimax VR Experience should now start in the background and inside your Pimax VR headset.

Check the Unity log file:

The log is created every time you exit the application.
So to be able to read the log, exit Pimax VR Experience first, by:

  • opening PiTool, go to Settings → General and DISABLE/UNCHECK “Start Pimax VR Home”
  • Click on the Quit button (bottom bar) in the Pimax VR Experience

The log file is called:
The previously created log is (previous instance of the application running):

Game Appdata files & config

The program appdata files, user settings file, favorites etc that are used by VR Experience are located in:

User Settings profile:

Other useful info

Game import-data profiles (SteamVR/Oculus/VivePort/Imported) are located in:

Game SETTINGS profiles (SteamVR/Oculus/VivePort/Imported) are located in:

Favorites import-data profiles are located in:

SteamVR Optimization profiles for SteamVR/VivePort/Imported games are located in:

Thank you for helping out!
/ Martin, SweViver