Prismatic effect in whites

I’m just trying out my Crystal… I’ve got a 4090 and no problem at all with connections. Visuals are good, except for white objects having a full spectrum of color starting above them in purple and extending below in red… mostly just blue above and red below. I can minimize or eliminate it in portions of the screen by tilting the headset … but getting it locked down seems impossible… anyone have this problem?

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What you describe is the Chromatic Aberration, and is a known issue in the edges of the lens.

If you’re seeing it in the center, it’s probably that the headset or the lenses are not in the right position.

When the new firmware with eye tracking rolls out, it will help to get and maintain the HMD in the right position (it have a warning if you’re eyes are in the wrong place).

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ahh… thanks for that. I had the wrong search term… even knowing the right term for it didn’t yield much info other than for camera lenses… have people gotten so used to it they don’t care? My 8k has practically none, but some say their 8kx does. I’ll keep hoping the coming firmware updates show they can fix it. I did find this on another forum which was interesting: This is something which is fixable in software: The red/green/blue planes can be pre-distorted with the inverse chromatic transform. “Fixing chromatic aberration in software is usually done by applying the classic “Brown’s model” distortion correction formula to each color channel independently, using slightly different distortion coefficients for each color channel, thus changing the red, green and blue color channel to a different scale.”