Printable MAS comfort mod for your skull


Piece for the back of the head that would rest against the head more evenly and wouldn’t move around so much when looking straight up or down. This has adjusted area, radiuses and hinge positioning. The idea was to try and leverage the instability of the back hinge to keep the headstrap in place. The original Pimax headstrap tended to slip up on me. Use the original top strap to balance against the hinge rotation pull.

This thingi also incudes modified hinges to allow for more strap rotation. The rigid ones from @Chumet, might be even better for this.

Print or get it printed near you.

You can use an oven at 60-90 degrees to get a better fit :wink:


The curve radiuses of the factory comfort kit and the factory MAS are a bit too big for my liking. I already have maxed large head. So I tried to design something that would fit better. Something that wouldn’t put all the pressure on a single spot and wouldn’t move around so much.

The radius of the first version is a bit too tight for my head. It bends around ok, but I haven’t had the time to use for more than 30 min straight. The first version also seemed to have a bit too steep hinge angle. Needs to be used together with the top strap. At least on my case. With factory MAS I used to not use the top strap at all.