Price Difference : 1$ MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE?

Can someone explain what the Pimax website means 1 $ Make up the difference?
I do not speak Chinese, and I did not take drugs to understand.:grin:
thank you in advance.

Scott G. 12/14/2018

Q: Er… what even is this? $1 make up the difference? for what? Is this a Chinese thing? Is it a problem we are meant to solve? Am i supposed to take certain substances before this makes any sense whatsoever? What are you guys taking?

Answers (1)

Pimax Technology 12/21/2018

A: Hi friend, please send your issues to our mailbox:
Our colleague will help you to solve the issue. Please be advised. Have a nice day!


I remember that it make for backer who still can’t make the payment after campaign and $1 for keep the kickstarter price, but not sure why pimax still keep it on the store.