Preview of improved UltraLeap Hand Tracking available

Hi everybody,

Ultraleap has released a preview version of an inproved hand tracking software called ‘Gemini’.
Looks like a huge improvement over the current ‘Orion’ software.
I will install and test it today.

I get 90 Hz hand tracking on my 5K+.

Here is my first test video.

This new version is supposed to improve two aspects over its predecessor ‘Orion’. Hands are recognized faster when they come into view and hand occlusion should be handeld better.

While I think both statements are true there is still a lot of room for improvement. Please notice that I keep my fingers streched during the occlusion tests so finger movements are artifacts produced by the tracking software.

I think the tracking is good enough to implement menu bottons on the palm of back of one hand that can be touched with the other hand solving the missing haptic feedback for interactions which is exciting.


Hi, be interested to see how it works with the Pimax setup.
Thanks for the headsup


I updated my post. 202020

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