Press conference 19 dec 2017

So… today supposedly a press conference was going to be held. But it’s 22:00 in Bejing already !!!

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I found somthing.


Thanks Crony

Most positive thing I took from the article:

“Funding for this project will be used to consolidate the advantages of existing products, and hardware and software optimization, content adaptation, Quality production

Also very interesting that Palmer Luckey seems to be following them closely. Maby offering them advice/funding? @Heliosurge

“Oculus founder Palmer also sent a congratulation video to the small conference”


a new link


With Palmer beings freed of his Oculus venture which did propel him as a prestigious in a way fore father in bringing vr back to home consumer use. Alows him to be able to visibly support other companies vr ventures with endorsing non-fb projects.

He has already showed this with his $2000/month support with Revive that allows steamvr compatiable headsets access to Oculus exclusives & such.

This is great news for PiMax to have his support by endorsement will help PiMax get the needed recognition & help to promote sales.