Prescription lenses frame included?

Is it included in the unit boxes that have already been shipped to the backers? Or it will ship later?

Not yet, it will ship later, all other stretch goal addons are yet to be produced and shipped later (hopefully!)


How will these prescription lenses frames work exactly? It’s not easy to understand.
Does it mean you replace the regular lenses inside with prescription ones?

You’re just covering lenses with prescription frame like if you would look at the lenses through glasses.

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The prescription lens frame is essentially another pair of glasses, but instead of having “temples” (the frame sides which go over your ears), there are 2 magnets which attach the frame to your headset.

The lenses should probably not be your everyday “regular” prescription, instead, you want a fixed focal distance of 2 meters (or infinity or whatever Pimax says you need, much like a pair of “reading glasses”).


Ah, magnets, That is neat! I don’t use glasses, but my friend does… and his glasses being tight in the Vive is why he was holding back on VR. He’s excited about Pimax.

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Tell your VIVE friend he should get these, I use them on the VIVE Pro and they’re a godsend, just don’t get the standard ones cause they suck (pick the RABS version in the options, they’re almost 100% distortion and chromatic aberration free). For €95 including shipping they change the experience entirely from nose torturing glasses to being able to see naturally even forgetting you have them on the HMD!
Here’s the link:
They already come with your prescription, whereas for the pimax frame you’ll have to bring it to your local optician to have them made, probably more expensive but inevitable for me!

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there are places online you can get lenses fitted to your own frames for as little as $30-40 (e.g. ÂŁ25 here in the UK)

but then I don’t have any problems with my normal glasses in the vive either, so ymmv

the pimax lens insert will also not work with the eye tracking module, so if you were thinking of using the eye tracking module you are better off not relying on the lens insert if you can get away without it

Depending on the eye tracking module, it’s possible that a lens insert can be fitted into the module itself. Note that the lens size/shape may differ from the standard lens insert, so you may want to wait until both modules are delivered, before having custom lenses made.

Unfortunately, Pimax hasn’t provided any details on this yet (and they probably haven’t even made a final decision on the eye tracking module).

That is one of my concerns too, hence my question back in April here: