Prescription Lenses: 8kX

I’m sure this has been covered… apologies.

I just received my 8kX DMAS headset today. My plan was to buy VR-Rock prescription inserts for use with the Comfort Kit and 15mm foam. I’m getting confused about the correct prescription for optimal use in a VR headset.

Reading prescription or distance? I’m afraid to try my glasses for fear of scratching the lenses.

I’ve looked at several lens vendors and there seems to be mixed info about what prescription they want… a little help would be greatly appreciated!


There are also some community members made options:

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you need to specify your distance prescription with the prescription lens insert manufacturer. this is because the focal length of a vr display is about 1.5 metres, so it’s distance reading that’s important.

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Late to the party! I made this for my 8kx and it’s working extremely well. All of the other printed solutions from others I tried had some kind of annoying issue with fitment or the not holding the lense well, so I took a couple of prints that were floating around and combined them into something new:

The only real downside is they shave a couple of mm around the edge of the lense, but it’s not noticeable in use.

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