Prescription inserts for the 8kX

I found a post by DoggieHowzer on the Pimax Reddit mentioning a source for prescription lenses for the “8k series”. It’s a site called “VR Rock”.

He also mentioned a 5% discount code provided by VR Flight Sim Guy here. If you use it, please consider liking it and maybe subscribing to his channel.
(this was a couple of months ago, I don’t know if it’s still valid: try it and find out!)

I ordered the dual lenses (they didn’t have the single at the time) and they took about 2 weeks to get to me in the US.
Overall, I’m quite happy with them!
They do NOT come with instructions so here they are: take off the ‘comfort kit’. Lay the lenses on top of the headset lenses. Put the comfort kit back on, adjust and play, lol. The issue is that there isn’t really any ‘mounting’. They just sit on top of your lenses and are sandwiched in between the lenses and the comfort kit. You can slide them around a bit afterwards but they stay in place pretty well! After loosing my initial distrust of the placement, I don’t even notice it anymore: the ipd’s line up fine. However, since they have it now, I would go with the one-piece.


Do they have a spacer to ensure lenses don’t rub/scratch?

Do you have some pics you can share?

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Yes and no.
Yes: the frame of the lens is a spacer. I took off my lens protectors for the first time since getting the headset: no problems!
No: I don’t have any pictures, personally, but the page here has some good pictures.


Awesome that does indeed look decent.

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I have them and love it. I had to add velcro underneath the facial interface after adding though, as there was less clearance in the headset obviously. But yeah, no complaints and definitely better than the 3d printed ones on etsy that you put your own lenses into, those ones just sucked.

Same here. Just received mine one week ago, and it is a real gamechanger. Much more clarity than wearing glasses (VR Frame – Suitable for most kinds of Headsets – VR Lens Lab), easy to install, really confortable (in fact no impact at all on the mask itself)

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