Prepping for Pimax Now

Pimax should hold a dry run before the stream to make sure their ethernet and everything can handle it and record it then upload it and make it private incase something happens.

@PimaxUSA @SweViver

From what I remember the reason Pimax Day got delayed before was because of the ‘unexpected’ bandwidth limitations or something similar in China so they had to upload the video.

Let’s just assume whatever that had to be shipped to Sweden and the US was received. The backup plan should be to have a video that is uploaded on a channel that is ready to release incase there is some unforeseen event like power outage or network failure.

I’m just saying that it might be convenient for you folks to watch Pimax Now but I live in Asia where it’s going to be 2am. So this stuff better be good trading sleep over and honestly I’d like the event to go smoothly as far as possible. Makes Pimax look good and saves everyone some important time they can be spending with their family or in my case getting a nap.


This is the reason we went for a pre-recorded video made earlier today, just to make sure things are OK.
SweViver chan:

Pimax chan:


Thanks. I’m glad everything went without a hitch.

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