Preorders...anyone received theirs?

Hence the announcement at the site mentions “Ship by Feb 21st” wonder if anyone here received theirs?

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I’m waiting on mine. I hope it lasts me one year before there is something better.

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I ordered it in October and i got it on the 14th of February.

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did you got a email or did they ship it without any information?

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Shipped it without any information

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Did it come with the promised audio headstrap for 2018 preorders?


Nope i think they will ship it when it ready … lol

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did not get mine, just curious if others did.

I also ordered in October and until now I have not received any information about the shipment. A customer from Belgium with a preorder number later than mine has already picked up his goggles, and a friend who ordered the same day has a delivery date by dpd in Poland tomorrow. So honestly, I do not understand the order in which the goggles are sent.


I’m not sure about the order either. I’m P10xx and order numbers above that have received their headsets.

As mentioned elsewhere I hope it’s not because I ordered the headset with the hand tracking module as I have no idea when that’ll be ready.

They might want to ship it in one package instead of two, but that wasn’t clear when I added the module, post order, via a ticket.

I have asked about this in a ticket (SUPEN-1939) last Wednesday but no answer yet.


My friend who has a deadline for tomorrow also ordered goggles with a leapmotion module. So it has nothing to do with it. He had the number P12xx

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I see. So the question is if he’ll receive the headset with or without the module? :wink:

Tomorrow I will know :wink:

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same here, pre-ordered in October, thought they will arrive late march or early Mai but this post gave me hope :smile:

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Is it something I misunderstand guys? Shipping by 21Feb statement means to me all pre-orders to date will be posted by 21Feb! …Simple as that.

I ordered mine nearly 2 years ago…still nothing!

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Am preorder 13xx and received mine 2 days ago. Probably have to send mine back for a faulty audio jack but enjoying it until then

P122X and still absolute silence.

Anyone in UK got their`s this wk ?