Praydog UEVR Mod with Pimax

Is anyone learning the nuances on this one that we can already start compiling pimax specific knowledge here? What’s the parallel projection story, for example? Also how is it with index controllers? see most bindings are made with the quest controllers in mind which leave the index without access to start or select for example

the uevr mod:

I bought game “Few of us” EDIT: “We happy few” to try this UEVR.

It works well, parallel projections are generally not needed - that is excellent!

However, because of canted displays there are some graphic issues: sometimes I see double picture (like movie scenes), and shinny focused items are strange.

Also, there is one more issue, with controllers: VR controllers have always same layout made by Praydog - that is kind of xbox controller emulation with vr positioning, and it is made as standard. Frankly, it is made to be the best with meta controllers. By default, my index controllers need menu button to be menu in game (bad idea). With SteamVR I can rearrange my buttons as I wish, and I can solve all problems there…
But, if I play in OpenXR (the best way), and then press menu button, then stupid SteamVR starts and kills my game.
It is pure SteamVR agressive behavior / fault.
If only we can change somehow our buttons in OpenXR…

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toggle “VR Dashboard on system button” should fix that… I’ve had the same problems in the past though in this case I prefer to use steamvr as I want my fpsvr convenience for graphics tweaking but still yeah pressing the steam button and holding the steam button are bad bindings for index controllers esp when the touch pads are right there doing nothing.

I tried it in robocop and the expanse with pp enabled and small fov, didnt trial and error anything else. it worked, but robocop was just plain blurry no matter what resolution or aa options I tried and I’m not going to play that… the expanse was also blurry but honestly the biggest thing in the way there is just how immersion breaking the cut scenes are for a story driven game with props and geometry being culled and character models being preloaded and t-posed right “off camera” it was more jarring than I expected, worse than RE2-3.

I will keep an eye on how this all goes and keep trying new profiles and tricks people come up with though, I’m especially interested to see this mod acting as a base for per-game custom mods to make bespoke vr experiences that rise to at least the quality of the RE praydog mods because I really liked those.

Thx for hint, but actually that works in SteamVR only.

With OpenXR is another story.
No matter what I set in steamvr for dashboard, if I want OpenXR and game from my steam account, as soon as I click menu button on index controllers, steam background service (needed for game start) turns on SteamVR.

As I said, it is aggressive behavior from steam, completely not needed.

Try it yourself, turn on Pitool, then controllers, and then steam (without steamvr). Press once menu on controllers, and boom - steamvr starts (that also shuts down all your other OpenXR current apps).

PS: About visual quality in UEVR, inject game with openXR, then apply OpenXRToolkit, find “override resolution” (third tab) - set something high, like 4000+ vertical resolution, and then add FSR scalling about 85% (first tab). That helps a lot with visuals, if you have good CPU.

I just tested The Sinking City for a few minutes (seated, no head-tracking, Xbox controller) and by turning down resolution and quality settings I was able to get some fairly good results. It’s not what I would have hoped for in terms of performance. This is a 10-year old (??) UE4 title, and there is no way I would try to shoot for more than 45fps even on my 4090. I also had to set one of the alternative rendering modes in order to resolve a few depth-issues with lighting and shadows, and in that mode the game’s settings refuse to appear properly. Might be a way to fix that with some other setting I am thus far unfamiliar with. So, overall, not a terrible experience, but I do think that we are 1 or 2 generations of GPU out before we can run recent, demanding, titles at the resolutions we would desire.

Let me give my impressions, based on testing over the last weeks (7950X3D/4090/Crystal/Xbox Controller):

(all stuff was tested at “Ultra” settings - just turned down shadows and not so important stuff to “High”)

“Air Twister” - looks and runs perfectly, with the usual small annoyances like black bars in cutscenes and crosshair rendered at screen depth. Great sense of scale during boss fights, they really feel giant. Absolutely no comparison to flatscreen gaming.

“Soul Calibur VI”, “Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite”, “Tekken 8” - here is where the injector really shines. Absolutely awesome to the point that i think i can never go back playing such 3D fighters on flatscreen again. While SC VI and Tekken work out of the box, MvC:I requires “World Size” set to minimum and a little bit of camera positioning (otherwise the health bars cant be seen).
Just download the “Tekken 8 Demo” and try for yourself !

“Hot Wheels Unleashed” - again, works out of the box. Aside from the fact that i dont like the physics in this game the view during the race is glued to the track so you wont look around admiring the scenery. Unnecessary to play in VR imo.

“The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me” - works out of the box but i had to tune down shadows/lights/AA ect. a bit because it quite hits the hardware. Its very playable that way with very sublte stuttering at camera turns. However, as sethw stated, there are alot of cutscenes with t-posed or frozen actors and items (for example: actor walks but his suitcase stays in place) which are rendered outside flatscreen view but very visible in vr. It gives some strange “i can see behind the matrix”-vibes … :face_with_spiral_eyes:
This can be at least partially fixed by moving the camera closer to the scenery. I didnt mind, but i’m sure others might be really annoyed by this.

“Stray” - again, works out of the box. A really beautiful game, runs almost buttery smooth. Imo totally worth playing in vr.

“Scorn” - and again, works out of the box and runs smoothly. Quite eye-catching and totally worth playing in vr if you dont mind running around while constantly losing orientation …

“High on Life” - here i had to tune down the graphics quite a bit since it was stuttering like hell on “Ultra”. Besides that, binding the motion controllers to the correct Umodel is a PitA, and since you will need the D-pad functionality in order to play this game (which i cant map to the crystal controllers) i ended up playing this one on flatscreen.

“R-Type Final 2” - works perfectly, playing this one in VR almost feels like cheating due to the larger FOV compared to flatscreen (you can see the enemies pop in a mile away …)

“Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories”, “Remothered: Tormented Fathers” - again, working out of the box, very enjoyable with the occasional t-pose/frozen pose visible during ingame cutscenes

Summary: its really amazing what Praydog achieved with this tool, i can only imagine the endless hours of work he has put into it. But how good the experience is in the end really depends on the genre: fighting games work best, shooters and racing games work great, generally every game that doesnt include tons of in-game cutscenes will most likely benefit. I can only encourage everyone to try it out, especially the Crystal owners.


Not having good solution for D-Pad is pita in UEVR. I will try to sacrifice somehow our Pi button for that, when I find some time.

Do we have “thumbrest” on crystal controllers? I couldn´t find them. That would be the best solution, like on oculus (1 finger on thumbrest, other hand thumbstick becomes D-pad).

I tried option “rise one hand to headset, and then thumbstick becomes D-pad”. I am not happy with this solution. It does not work every time, and often I kick my expencive crystal with controller…

PS: I tried UEVR with index controllers before, and I couldn´t activate d-pad at all. Maybe I missed something, but I dont know…

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