PPI and screen sizes for 8K and 5K+ please! Repeat request

Hi @Pimax-Support @PimaxVR @Sean.Huang we have still not had a response to this question and it should be very basic and easy to find information.

What is the listed PPI and diagonal screen size for the panels used in the 8K and the 5K+ please?

You say 5K+ has 9% more utilisation than 5K but we don’t know how it compares to 8K.

The above information would be very helpful for many of us trying to decide.

I’ve left xunshu out as she has already answered immediately (thank you) to say she doesn’t know.


No harm in letting people know this answer agreed, you already paid and can’t get a refund. This will be known a few hours after backers get it anyway so delaying the answer is odd.