Power problem with 8K+

I mounted my Vive’nChill fans, which worked fine on my 5K+, on my 8K+ connected to a USB socket.

When switched on the fans worked but unfortunately the headset didn’t or rather it lost tracking or disconnected and had to be rebooted, sometimes in the middle of a game, so look out with anything that is connected to a USB socket.

This is now known to Pimax who suggest that I use an external power source.


AFAIK the Vive’nChill fans draw too much power and/or introduce too much electrical noise into the line, which causes noise in the audio lines and apparently also causes tracking issues.


USB power supply is very limited, external power supply is correct.

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I didn’t realize that the 4K screens would make a difference in USB power supply but no problem as I still have a TPCAST and to use it I had mounted the battery on my DAS with a special 3D printed mounting piece. I have installed the DAS on my 8K+ so I mounted a battery in the same way.

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