Power my 8KX from something other than a usb on my PC?

To reduce the power draw from my PC I was wondering if it was possible to plug the 8KX into a Powered USB hub and if so is there a recommendation on one that will work? I currently have too many USB devices plugged into my PC and so my PSU is bumping up against its limit. I’m thinking my 8KX is the biggest draw on power.

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Well, I can at least confirm that plugging in the power-only plug from my 8kX into a powered USB hub, solved a problem I had, with the HMD going into a loop, where it would disconnect and reconnect over and over.
Just some generic hub I happened to have lying around.

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Standard Cable with 2 Connectors?

USB 3.0 (Blue inlay) direct to motherboard, the USB 2 (Black inlay) to the wall Adapter.

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I’m not using a powered hub, instead, I plug it into an Anker USB Charger.

I’ve got that plugged into a wireless socket switch. It’s great. I also use a wireless switch for my base station. I can power it all on or off, with a remote. That’s quite convenient.

Be sure to get a USB charger with enough power for an 8XK. Here’s the one I bought, but I’m sure there are lots of similar products…


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I don’t have a powered USB hub so I developed a hack to give USB devices more juice that require it.
I have this USB splitter thing lying around that is like an unpowered hub. I plug one end into the PC and plug the device that needs more power into one of the sockets.

I then plug a male to male USB cable into another socket and plug the other end into one of the Vive charger adaptors for my controllers.

Works great.

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Is that for the fat USB cord or the skinny one?

Not sure. The cables look about the same to me. I think the one I’ve plugged into the supply is a little thinner. It’s the one on the right of the 3-way splitter, when the Pi symbol is right-side up.

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The power cable is USB 2.0 (black inside) and the data cable is USB 3.0 (blue inside) and it’s a bit thicker, yes.

EDIT: Already mentioned by @dstar:


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