Power 5K+ from Link Box

If I get a cable that would connect the power out from a Vive Link Box to the 5K+ power input, would it work? I believe they are both 12V headsets, right?

I am trying to clean up cable situation and I use the link box with all my headsets. Vive wands are not a sufficient replacement for touch controllers so the Rift isn’t going back in it’s box quite yet.

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That’s exactly what I do.


and you’ve had no issues running it that way? no video dropouts or anything weird?

also, can you share what cable you’re using?

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Nope, works great. I actually spliced two cables together to make it work, but here’s a cable that should work too: https://www.amazon.com/Interconnect-Inspired-LED-Lighting-Systems/dp/B004OMFFTG/

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wow, i searched for a cable like that for like an hour and couldn’t find one. thank you for the link! do you think the 2 foot one would be long enough? i would just measure it but i’m not at home and i’d like to order this now.

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You want the 6 foot one, I think.

A bit out of topic but still along the same lines, is there a way to use the bluetooth module in Vive’s link box along with Pimax so that when we exit VR, the vive wands and lighthouses turn themselves off?

If you want it to “just work”, then no. If you are willing to deal with some software jank, then maybe. Alternatively, you could just use some cheap remote-control power outlets.


The controllers should just turn themselves off after a while, IIRC.

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i ended up ordering the 3 foot cable and it is working out nicely. the 2 foot would have been just barely too short so i’m just going to come up with a way to tidy up the extra length.

i tried out The Lab and Fallout 4 for like 2 minutes and they both seem to run fine so the power output seems to be consistent.


Hmm… This looks like something I need to try out as well.

BTW, how long is that DisplayPort extension cable of yours? And do you experience any lag from using it?

See this post for DP extender: https://community.openmr.ai/t/display-port-extender/18014

No noticable lag but I am seeing some flickering pixels during some black scenes. Not sure if that’s the result of the extender or not since I just noticed it tonight. I’m gonna investigate more tomorrow.

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That sounds like a cable shielding problem. Some people have had success using ferrite tori to dampen the harmonic noise.

Something like this, but you’ll need to determine the correct size. Typically, you place 1 at each end of an individual cable, so you probably need 4.

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Wow didn’t know that cables can be susceptible harmonic noise (resonance?)… Just googled it, apparently it’s quite prevalent in electrical engineering LOL…

Alan Yates did a good writeup on reddit about this a couple of years ago, also stating exactly which ferrite you should use. I don’t have time to look it up right now but it should be pretty easy to find on google.

Direct link to his comment:


i messed with connecting different cables in different combinations. i tried with:

  1. DP extender, power from link box, USB in link box
  2. no DP extender, normal power adapter, USB into PC
  3. DP extender, normal power adapter, USB in PC

for 2 & 3, i don’t get any flickering white pixels. for 1 i do. i think the power cable or just powering it through the link box is the culprit. i’m going to continue investigating tomorrow.

what kind of connector hub is that?

It’s the Vive Link Box that came with OG Vive

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didn’t know that would work, that’s great!

I wonder if I can use displayport to hdmi on the breakout box for the pimax

I think that HDMI does not have enough bandwidth. I just got a DP extender of the same length as the cables running to the Vive Link Box. See https://community.openmr.ai/t/display-port-extender/18014/8

Also, I still use the Link Box with my other headsets.