Possibility of paying the 100$ difference for backers to get the hand motion module

I’ve asked this in the past but never got an answer.

Considering it is possible to upgrade from the 5K to the 8K by paying the price difference and the different voucher options.
Would it also be possible to pay the initial 100$ difference to get the hand tracking module for backers that missed that option?
Some people have missed that option on the initial kickstarter pledge but would still like to have it. And now we know there are also the preorder bundles with it and I think it’s safe to assume buying it standalone later on will make it more expensive, including the shipping.

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Hi @Necromantic, could you please provide your backer number and mailbox that used in the Kickstarter? You can add $100 to exchange to the 8K. As per the accessories, Please stay tuned with our pre-order website: www.pimaxvr.com
Please be advised. Have a nice day!

I agree, I would also like to add a hand module and do not see it offered alone on the pre-order page.

I’m not asking to change to the 8K, we did back the 8K full package.
I’m asking if there is still an option for backers to add the 100$ to add the hand motion module, since we missed the possibility while the Kickstarter was still running.

Hi, we cannot provide the service about adding the hand motion module, if you would like to add the hand motion module, please stay tuned with our Pre-order website. Have a nice day!

Can I use the $100 Stretch Goal for buy a Hand Motion Module?
If yes, what are the shipping costs?