Portal & Portal 2 vorpx.... Anyone got it working?

It runs ok in 3d and all but I can’t seem to get the resolution up, looks kinda pixelated… I remember it worked ok with the pimax 4k

I want to ask more general question.
What is the best way to play Portal/Portal 2 on Pimax 8K? Virtual monitor?
Vorpx? Maybe another software?
I remember how cool it was to play on 3d monitor. Want to play again a lot. But not flat!
Actually I still have this 3d monitor with Nvidia 3dVision glasses. But latest versions of driver haven’t support of 3dVision (( Maybe there is some way to “hack” this? Or only install old drivers?

Dont know about Vorpx which is probably the best to do it but you can give a try to this :