Portal pcvr? You must be joking…

Pimax, you must be joking…

I did buy the Portal qled version to also play steam vr games (pcvr) via the hdmi port.
Recently i did have again more time to fiddle around and i did want to try the portal pcvr mode.
Hmm, i did try it in vr mode, connected via hdmi and usb, but pimax play did not recognize it.
Then i searched the net and i read that it is not supported to play steam vr titles? Are you kidding me?

So only these crap standalone titles in vr are supported? Why then have this great hardware vr accessory at all?
Pimax, you really know how to ruin your own hardware in not putting enough work in the software. What about any other software to stream vr to the portal? Virtual Desktop??? Or via usb like the quest series do? But of course native hdmi would be much better…

I am really disappointed!

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@PimaxQuorra any updates are n portal pcvr mode?

Yes it has been disappointing as I believe this feature is still mia.

ATM you might be able to use something like side loading SteamVR Link app or maybe ALVR to stream pcvr games but that is huge maybe.

@PimaxQuorra Any chance to use my Portal Qled as a PCVR Headset playing SteamVR games???
Even Beta and unofficially. I would like to try it!

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We are still working on the software, and I came across a user who is using ALVR to run SteamVR on Portal.

Can’t upload the video.


Thank you for the Info.

Hmmm, i just saw that my Crystal and my Portal both have the mini-hdmi socket on top in front of the headstrap. And the Airlink module connects there. Any chance the Pimax 60GHz Airlink module works with the Portal, too? This would be another good reason for me to order it… @PimaxQuorra


Do you have any more info about this or who done it? I am assuming if they done that on the portal then it should be possible on the crystal! Would be awesome!


Hmm, I’m afraid the 60G might not be compatible with Portal.

This is the dev.

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