[Poll] Would you like an intermediate over-the-ears headstrap alternative?

  • Yes, I’m interested in an intermediate rigid headstrap with good over-the-ears headphones (free for backers, alternative to standard MAS with open speakers)
  • No, I’m happy with the 2 current options: standard version (open speakers, free for backers) and deluxe version (for backers:$100 additional fee +$35 shipping. Supposed to be HiFi over-the-ears)

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Why this poll ? Please read below:

The original rigid headstrap KS stretch goal was promoted with a picture showing over-the-ears headphones and was a free reward for all backers with $349 and above pledges.

Recently Pimax has turned that free reward into a headstrap with open speakers and have added a “deluxe version” to their line-up, with over-the-ears headphones as initially planned in the KS, but also using higher quality speakers/design (compared to what we could have expected from initial KS free stretch goal).

Due to the bump in speaker and overall design quality, Pimax now also ask backers to pay a $100 additional fee to upgrade to this deluxe version, and $35 on top of that as shipping fee (not sure if the later applies only to upgrade plans for 8K+/X HMD upgrades or to everybody who upgrade from standard to deluxe headstrap).

The suggestion here is to ask for an intermediate solution between the supposedly cheaper-to-manufacture standard version (MAS, open speakers) and the expensive High Fidelity Deluxe version (DAS, over-the-ears).

This intermediate version would be over-the-ears but using more affordable (but still good quality) speakers, as we could have expected from the rigid strap initially planned for the KS stretch goal. Maybe a less expensive mechanism to hold the speakers would also be required to achieve a production cost that is compatible with the goal of offering that version free to backers (as initially promised), as an alternative to the (also free) open speakers design.

That way backers who prefer an over-the-ears design would not feel forced to either have to settle for an open speakers design they may not like (and that was not the planned design for the free stretch goal) OR have to pay additional costs to upgrade to a Hi-Fi Deluxe version when they may think they would be satisfied with less expensive speakers (but still able to produce very decent audio quality) and design.

Note this intermediate design could also be a very welcome option for entry level HMD like the Artisan.


Yes, very much so.
Not that anything backers want will effect what this headstrap has been cooked up to be, vacuum tight development where any negative feedback from experienced people is considered “edge cases” and “still good enough for 90% of people”.


We don’t have the resources to design, prototype, test, tool, manufacture, package, certify, achieve customs and safety clearances then ship another head strap design (or more audio options) beyond the existing MAS.

Please objectively evaluate what we release in the next month or two then create a poll that can suggest objective improvements to the options or the strap itself.


It is not about redesigning a complete headstrap but swapping the DAS headphones for less expensive ones.
Open speakers is not what pimax promoted in the KS to convince people to give them money…

One day pimax must stop having unfair business practices like unilateraly changing terms of a deal signed by both parties and they had themsleves set the terms of.

If it was kevin vs a US compagny you would consider legal actions to make the terms respected.
Here pimax is abusing of its stronger position from being a chinese company doing a KS to worsen the specs of a stretch goal they promised to backers and initially used as a selling point to get their money.
This is not how pimax will gain a reputation of being a trustworthy compagny.

On top of that it is counterproductive to keep giving initially loyal backers reasons to enter in conflict with pimax instead of trying to put a positive final end (like by respecting initial promises) to this abusively long kickstarter so that pimax can freely focus on doing business with new customers instead of trying to make any possible save on the stretch goals promised to backers like with open speaker head strap or by hyping them into new hmd to make them abandon their backer rewards and give you money again.

The above mentioned practices are unworthy of a company targetting international scale and reputation, especially after that kickstarter is what made pimax reach the better situation they are in today, with plenty of new updated skus they can make a lot of money from.

So saving on headphones initially promised to backers… Pimax didn`t lack resources to design, prototype, test, tool, manufacture, package, certify, achieve customs and safety clearances of new hmds with new housing.


No, dont give them any ideas for new designs before every previous commitment has been fulfilled.


The only problem are in standard one MAS the open headphones, they are sucks. Do you could give the alternative with 4k headphones at the same price?


this is the sort of thing I suggest but you voted “no”.
If p4k speakers are known good this can be the alternative to open speakers indeed :smiley:

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Rubbish, holding pimax over what could have been a pre rendered photo of mas prototype design in 2017 and demand to have to that knowing it was still under development and design was not set in stone.

And then bad business practices etc etc just because the finalized design was not like the prototype? When the initial stretch goal basically just said strap with audio. This was as much as everyone knew back then ppl had no problem signing up the ks project

Not with you on this one mate, this is where I draw the line, getting a freebie is one thing and getting too greedy is another.

I vote no
MAS as it is, if I wanted better I pay more
And who is to dictate that pimax is not allowed to have a premium mas, its not like this was exactly promised in the stretch goals


No, you suggested a total redesign of MAS.
MAS it’s perfect we just need headphones

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You are right that Pimax may have a Premium solution, it is absolutely stupid in commercial and marketing terms that 8KX is sold without DAS … but anyway … their choices. But putting on Rift-S style headphones is a bad thing, an unnecessary crap. you can do if you want 2 types of headphones different in quality … but why a $ 120 plus tax product must have so bad headphones?

I’m so lost here,

Point me to a official thread where the MAS with specific design was promised as a stretch goal. I been following this ks since the beginning and I can’t find it anywhere. Maybe I need to be shown the place.

And maybe also where pimax points a gun to our heads and demand ppl to upgrade to 8kx and forfeit the stretch goals. Last time I checked if I don’t need an 8kx 8k+ I don’t need to upgrade and forfeit anything and give them more money if I didn’t want to.

Are we on the same ks project here?

MAS did not exist at that time. But I am sure solid over the head headphones were displayed on KS stretch goal picture. Changing it to MAS with open headphones is very radical and I myself do not like it. But I sacrificed all my stretch goals already because almost all of them turned up very different from what was promised.


Are you saying the MAS is not Modular now? No redesign is required. Only thing that would require is headphones with the Arms to attach to existing design. This would not affect Customs or existing design.


I don’t see any redesign being required as pimax promoted MAS as being modular and PimaxUSA said there would be option to add Arms with drivers. And Sweviver said you’d be able to buy Deluxe MAS headphones later to upgrade standard MAS.


When the rigid headstrap was unlocked we were not supposed to receive the cloth strap. At that time Audio was initially said integrated and not removable. After discussion here and in KS comments of people saying they would “rip” the arms off if not removable. Pimax said it would be made removable and added an option in KS to also purchase a Rigid strap without audio.

With advertising MAS as having the above Ear pods removable for upgradability. It is not a big change to have a headphone option without premium price. The p4k drivers would be good to that end. Even if offered at say $30 to $40 upgrade as they originally could be bought as a later addon to the p4k for $59.

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We’ve said repeatedly that we have 3rd parties that will likely release other options for the audio that can be added.

You don’t even know what the final above the ear version will sound like.

It’s ridiculous to create “polls” to augment or replace an item no-one here has even evaluated.

It won’t be long before some people really have MAS to post their thoughts on that can be evaluated and even objectively measured.

What would we even focus on? Bass? Treble? Mid-Range? Positioning? Volume? The suggestion before us is to design and build an “improved”, “Hi-Fi” version of something you don’t have any objective data for.

With the 8kX we at least have through the lens photos and someone would at least have some basis to suggest improvements for a future headset. In this case the entire premise of this poll is missing even the most basic fundamentals.


Then your right it was not smart to showcase it all. As almost all posted impressions on the prototype above ear was :-1:

Having polls is hardly ridiculous to get opinions. The prototype was evaluated at CES and the 2 US meetups and folks generally were not enthusiastic about was was shown.

It’s not even going to have the quality of the BMR of the Index. But that shouldn’t be expected.


Specifically how do you know that? How do you know what the quality is like not having tested or read any data what the quality is like?

Uh, No. We’ve said over and over these samples audio are missing fundamental parts. The fact is an objective evaluation is not possible because the version with all the parts does not yet exist.

Once again - improve what? Base? Treble? Volume? Mid-Range? … Of course you can’t answer that but hey let’s have a poll to discuss…

Which is why you don’t demo the Audio if it is no where near ready. People when promoted off Ear promoted BMR as Valve has not above ear which will obviously not match up.