Poll: Would you like an 8K+ Kickstarter / consumer model with improved screens and upscaler for the 8k+, 1 cable and improved screen for 8KX, 4k OLED for 8k+ & 8KX BE in the future?

Would you like to see another Kickstarter after consumer release later in the year, or in the net couple years if Pimax needs to raise more funding to make an improved 8k and to improve the screen used in the 8KX so itt’s not using the same pentile display that’s used in the 8K?

Since adequate screens are only now just becoming available, this could happen in the near future since Pimax has already opened a factory and has components for the 8k and 5k+, R&D would be much quicker…Screens just need to be sourced and tested.

Backers weren’t entitled to receive the 5k+, so the 8k+ shouldn’t be given to backers or exchanged since there were no better screens at the time of the kickstarter for the 8k. But since the 5k+ was released, that doesn’t mean Pimax shouldn’t look towards releasing the 8K+ and 8KX when screens become available, on the contrary I think they should.

Now’s a good time to be talking about it since theres no news about the 8KX yet or what specs it will have.
I suggest upgrading a screen to 4k full rgb strip LCD like the 5k+ had, but for the 8k+, to use that same LCD on the 8KX instead of the 8K’s screen, upscaler upgrade for the 8K in the 8k+ and to offer OLED versions of the 4k screens if they become available in the future. I propose this screen be used at the far left of the column at the bottom of the page https://www.boe.com/en/product/xsqj/xnxs/vr-ar the 4k full rgb lTPS LCD at 75hz (overclocked to 80 or 90hz) or a 4k oled 5" full rgb stripe screen if it becomes available in the next year or two.**

Kickstarter goals for the 8K+
8K+ - Better upscaler, better full rgb stripe lcd or oled screen

8KX - Better cable (so only 1 is requred), Different screen than the pentile screen used in the 8k (same as 8k+ screen, full rgb LCD).

8K+ Pro/BE (upscaled 4k oled)- If 4k full rgb stripe oled exists in 5" in 2019 or 2020.
8KX Pro/BE (native 4k oled) - If 4k full rgb stripe oled exists in 5" in 2019 or 2020.

Would you back a kickstarter later in the year or in the next couple of years, or support a consumer release of the above kickstarter goals? Would you prefer a consumer release? or would you rather pimax makes no more headsets?

  • I’d like to see a consumer release of 8K+ and 8KX and OLED BE models first, or a Kickstarter if Pimax needs funding for it…
  • I would back another kickstarter, if not, I don’t mind a consumer release of those models happening.
  • Kickstarter is okay. No further consumer models.
  • No kickstarter, no further consumer models in the future.

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What type of naming would you like to see for a new headset and the oled screen variants of it?

  • 8K+ Pro
  • 8K+ BE / 8KX BE
  • New name for the 8K+ and its oled version.

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Or better yet drop the 8k from development and just admit that upscaling doesn’t work. Only continuing developing the 8kx with better screens.

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I don’t think upscaling doesn’t work at all, it just needs to be done right. Pentile screen doesnt help at all.
Secondly the fact a 1440p signal is not a 1:1 with a 4k signal when upscaled is bad, because it’s not an exact quarter of a 4k image the pixel locations needs to be approximated after upscale.

i’m not suggesting it be done but I have a theory 1080p would upscale into a sharper image at 4k compared to 1440p. 1440p needs to be upscaled to 5k to upscale in the correct proportions.

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If they do an 8kx be, they might as well make the lenses like starvr one and cover all fov.

They said the clarity would match native. It doesn’t. They said their wouldn’t be any artifacts. Their is (blurriness). And finally they said it wouldn’t require any more rendering power than the 5k. Guess what it does. And as to 1080 scaling the last I heard about the chip was using a fixed unchangeable algorithm.

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I would like them to first finish and deliver all the products and stretch goals they promised. And this is a lot:

  • Headstrap
  • Subscription Lenses
  • Face Cushions
  • Cooling Fan
  • Controllers
  • Eye Tracking
  • Wireless Module
  • Additional Content
  • 8k-X

And most important:
Improve the software! We need game profiles. We need color settings. We need proper steamVR integration for valve knuckels. We need brainwarp. Perhaps foveated rendering if possible.

This is so much to do for them. I would give them more than a year to finish all this… After all it’s still a small company.

Also they have all the rights to produce and sell the 8k/5k+ to earn some money. In two years we can talk again about a new kickstarter… :wink:


Damn. I forgot the most important thing:

  • Lens profiles by eye tracking to remove distortions!

We’ll be having the names pimax 8kx+ pro soon

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  • brainwarp

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I think like any company would aim for, Pimax will have improved versions down the road. They are not locked into the current tech indefinitely. I would think of course if better panel tech, or anything that can improve their HMD/Accessories is available they would continue developing their product line and maybe we see better version in a year or so. They can’t just sit tight with what they have and think they can compete down the road. I mean this isn’t a one time pop shot for them. Hell, they started with the 4K after all. And look where they are now.
Why not give them that time vs pushing for another KS that we all know has been a crazy ride that has pushed their team and a number of backers to the breaking point at times it seems? I bet they are all pretty exhausted. They need a period to get their processes in line and do an autopsy on this whole thing to pull out the lessons learned and where they need to focus their resources and take them to the next level of quality for their hardware. I think a lot of the accessories are gonna benefit from the HMD launch lessons learned.

I am betting they will gain some nice sales and revenue from these devices, good words are getting out there and that should help ensure we see an 8K+ or whatever they want to name them in the future from them. Hopefully they are past the KS maturation level soon, maybe they can fly on their own now without having to answers to backers.

Hell I wouldn’t want to deal with what I have seen here. I would find me a nice cozy VC instead of this.


I have zero interest in any upscaling / downscaling - native resolutions are always better. 4K each eye / OLED / Native Resolution - THAT is approaching perfection.

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If pimax did another KS I would back it. They delivered a product. I was close to backing Ossic 3D headphones and the backers got nothing. Pimax is not perfect but it is very good and im glad i got a product. Now await my strech goals and i will be extremely happy that i jumped on the bandwagon. I would recommend them for sure even after the long wait, but it did create incredible anticipation. Thank you PiMax!


Even with all we’ve been through (and it looks like I’ll be waiting quite a bit longer for my 8K), I would certainly consider a KS for an 8KX+ (with OLED panels).

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Same, definitely. In my eyes Pimax has proven themselves.