Poll: Do you want the option to purchase the first design of pimax controllers?

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who would rather purchase Knuckles based on the less obstructive design.
The first prototype for your controllers looked much better, and would be much more useable without bumping them into each other when trying to use a virtual bow, for example. They need to either be less obstructive or the older design should be offered as well.

Do you want the option to purchase an improved version 1 design of the controllers, as well as v.2?

  • Yes, I want the option to purchase the version 1 design.
  • No, I don’t want that option.

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Valve Knuckles design = Ergonomic

Pimax Controllers V1 = Ergonomic

Pimax Controllers V2 = Looks nice, but not ergonomic

If this is the final design iteration I’m not impressed and I won’t be buying these controllers

I think they used these hands to create a nice tight fitting


This final design has too big arc. Pimax must remove the inner part.
As you can see, with Knuckles you can even clap your hands, but with controllers by Pimax it’s impossible and may be even dangerous for thin plastic arc.

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Too bad I myself like the look. Still could use some tweaks. Either way I have them coming.

Isn’t the whole point of the change to make the sensors more visible to the controllers, so your hand doesn’t block the line of sight? That’s why the amazing Oculus Touch controllers wrap around your hand in a similar way. I’d rather something be more functional than look better.


pimax doesnt have a working design just a 3d printed model


It kind of looks to me like the hard plastic arc goes around the back of the hand on the Knuckles whereas the Pimax controllers have the hoop going around the wrist. I’d have to see them worn to get a better idea if they interfere with each other. I’m also guessing that with a full loop there are more places to place sensors so they could be better as far tracking.

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But with this design a situation may happen that you cannot reach the right hands position and, for example, reload the pistol, cuz the gamedevs could not imagine such a wide collider of controllers.


Truthfully I really like their design.
I think it is both and unique.

Of course it will need a little tweaking but with a tracking ring that large tracking accuracy should be amazing.

And they look to be very ergonomic and comfortable, similar to the Oculus Touch Controllers, whats not ergonomic about this?

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