Poll: Delay until December for eye relief dial, new lenses for 8KX and 8K+ and 8K XR

Would you care if the 8K+ was delayed until December to release with the 8KX if the new headsets received new lenses and a lens depth adjustment dial to help reduce eyestrain and distortion?

  • I don’t mind 1-3 months delay until December because those features are important.
  • No delay, I don’t mind the current lenses and modability of headset placement required for each user to get a good view.

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Would you be interested in buying a full rgb oled 5K XR or 8K XR at 90hz with new lenses, a lense depth adjustment dial in 2020 or 2021 if they were made?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not interested unless new lenses and a lens depth dial to address eye strain and distortion issues are features.
    (Same with the 8K+ and 8K X)

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Here’s my entire take.


Thank you Pimax. I’d rather stuff be delayed. I’ll be unhappy about it but I wouldn’t be flipping out and disppointed.


I don’t think Pimax has enough finance, will, capability for new lenses for now.


Indeed in keeping in mind with price increases.

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Does anyone on these forums even care about the new HMD’s? I’m pretty sure most people here were backers just waiting for news on the Kickstarter rewards and outstanding base stations/controllers. How many people would actually pay these people after giving us the run around for this long?

I can say for sure, I would never pay another penny to Pimax and if I were going to make a decision on what HMD to buy right now I’d go with the Index. Not sure why/how anyone could trust Pimax after all the constant lies and deception that has gone on over the past few years…

I am pretty sure both these proposed changes are pretty much redesign-from-scratch-and-retool-everything measures, which is probably highly unrealistic within the stated time frame, if there is to be testing, etc.

If (IF) the new “comfort kit” product, which really sounds to my ears like it should have been part of the package, together with the new headband, offers pads of different thicknesses and shapes, to fit different people, then I guess that would constitute an effort toward the adjustability, at least.


i think eye relief like vive or index is a much bigger change for the product then you imagine it, also it can be done with thinner or thicker foam or the plastic part between headset and foam and both can be done at any time without stopping the release of a product

pretty much the same goes for new lenses, we know they can be exchanged without opening the headset, the vital part inside the housing is a sealed unit with glas windows, lenses are “outside”
so if there is a ground braking improvements on lenses they can be integrated into the product at any time and also be done by “enthusiasts” at home
so also no need to stop a product release
and beside this, new lenses are the most complicated part to develop, needing some really interesting folks, more of a math genius then a engineer?


I care. Cause I’ve been waiting for OVER 2 YEARS to get my 8KX.


as long as they can’t tell why its so different for all the users and how to fix it i don’t see a point investing any money in extensions or upgrades

as long as you can’t tell the difference in “wearing it wrong” and a a bad production batch (misaligned panels/lenses) you won’t get anywhere
so it has to start with pimax defining how to use/wear the thing and as long as they are mute about this we are getting nowhere (at least that’s the way i see it)

but maybe i just have to much alien (or Neanderthal) blood in my veins to use it the right way


For my part, I am definitely cursed with a neanderthal-y low and prominent brow, protruding checkbones, and eyes that are set both deep and rather close together - all of which conspires to make it extremely difficult for me to get into the sweet spot of most HMD:s. I have actually taken cutting and abrasive tools to the lenses in some of my bloody expensive headsets, to round off the edges, where the top slivers of the lenses end up pressing against my brow. :stuck_out_tongue:


New lenses and a depth adjustment dial wouldnt cpst more than a.couple hundred thousand. Custom lenses cost only a few thousand to manufacture and the depth dial is a plastic housing modification, no modification to electronics should be necessary.

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Its tooling and scale that makes it unlikely that we will see new lenses. The fact that they haven’t already changed them means they likely wont do it, until whatever nextgen HMD they create, if even then.

@Yen posted a mod to the foam, but while losing some FOV, it resolved some issues. In my opinion, it shows that a 140 degree FOV may have been a better target to hit.


Yes. I love to have a lot more fov, but I see that with a good distance everything works better.

Specially the glare is almost gone!