Plexus Haptic Gloves

Developer Kit shipments are scheduled for August 2018 with limited batches and cost is 249 $ only ,
IMHO looks like nice add-on to Pimax 8K and flight sims :slight_smile:

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I like captoglove better, or even manus vr.
Captoglove is multipurpose and delivers on Leap Motion. Although, the M1 testers can say more about it of course.
Manus VR also looks like they are in the game for more than just single purpose device.

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What you mean by multipurpouse ?and why do you thinking plexus is not multipurpouse.
I perfer plexus becouse it have haptic feedback at all fingers - you will feel when you touch virtual button or item .
Captoglove have only 1 pressure sensor on thumb and manus dont have it at all.
I like also design - other gloves looks like you will feel hot and sweet after wearing them. Plexus is also resonable priced.
Does the Manus VR Glove have haptic feedback?:
Yes, each glove contains a programmable vibration motor. It can be programmed to respond to specific actions in a simulation with freely controllable intensity.

Multipurpose: plug and play for control of all your electronic devices.

I noticed the special fingertips of the Plexus. I don’t know how it would feel like. The optics of that device turns me off. So it’s more of a feeling I guess. That’s my mainreason that I would chose captoglove or manusvr. I think captoglove showed more diverse applications. Even more so than manusvr. Those manusvr gloves are more apt for VR sets. Not for disrupting the way we use devices in the future. Captoglove does show that vision for the future into their product, I think.

Hello @George , hello @Yata_PL

I’m one of the creators of the Plexus gloves, if you guys have any questions please do let me know!

Yata, thank you very much for sharing on the forum.

I just wanted to touch on a couple of your points, George. The Plexus system is designed from the ground up to be used for all aspects of VR/AR. From the offset we wanted to build a device that wasn’t about retrofitting sensors to an existing glove, but rather design the system from a holistic sense and only build what was needed for XR control. We realised that textile gloves get really sweaty after short use, so we opted for an open palm elastomer glove that is completely washable. We designed our sensing system from the ground up, so we measure 21 degrees of freedom, that’s every single joint in the fingers. If you compare our level of sensing to Manus and Captoglove, you’ll find that we measure considerably more joint axes and with much higher resolution.

When you stack the feature-set against the price point, you’ll find that Plexus comes up against both gloves. Being nearly half the cost of the Capto pair, and 10x cheaper than Manus. I suggest you compare the specs for all the gloves to get a good understanding of what is on offer.

I definitely understand that design is subject to personal taste though - but I just wanted to lay out the facts :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys,

If you want any further info or to sign up, check out



Hi Charles, I was wondering if your gloves have already full compatibility with steamvr to replace the vive controller or not.


Hi @charduff. Im very interested in getting my hands into these gloves for use with the 8K and also my future videos of course :slight_smile: Are the upcoming devkits also going to be available for non-developers like me and are you going to ship international (Sweden)?


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I always find it weird when I see it mentioned to replace controllers with gloves entirely. Sure it will work for some games. But a lot, if not most, assume you to have controllers and thus, you’ll need them. Many actions in games just need buttons and joysticks.

Question for @charduff , how do the Plexus gloves work in combination with a controller, specifically the knuckles? (assuming you guys have the ev2 devkit) Can you use both at the same time and replace the knuckle’s finger tracking with the tracking from the gloves?

Guys I think you should ask directly via plexus web pages. @charduff only apeared 1 time here on forum

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I sent them an email, but they never replied