Please show us a MAS mounted on original 5K+/8K, and how to detach the speakers

I have been watching MRTV CES MAS video as well as its 8KX (pre-production) unboxing, and I have noticed the 8KX has now 2 audio plugs (1 each side, confirmed by Kevin) and on the 8KX unboxing video it seems the MAS has 2 audio cables+connectors, and each one seem plugged into the respective L/R audio plugs on the 8KX.

Does this mean each speaker from the MAS/DAS has its own cable and the L/R audio plugs from the new HMD housings are sending monophonic signal ?

If yes then how will the MAS/DAS connect to the single stereo plug from the 5K+/8K ? An additionnal cable will be required ? Or the MAS/DAS for 5K+/8K will be specific versions with a single stereo cable connecting both speakers ?

Also please show us how the open speakers can detach from the MAS.

I have to say it again, I’m no pleased at all by the fact Pimax has not hold their initial promise about sending a rigid headstrap with over-the-ears earphones for free as was planned as a stretch goal of the KS campaign.

This move consisting in changing the KS terms to make the rigid headstrap stretch goal become a strap with open speakers, and then asking backers to pay $100 to get the version with over-the-ears earphones that was initially planned for free (stretch goal), really looks like just a Pimax sleight of hand to clear-off, at no cost for Pimax, all those $100 coupons that were used by Pimax to make 8K backers accept to switch to a 5K+… :angry:

And on top of that it seems Pimax is asking a $35 additionnal fee for shipping if you ask to upgrade from MAS to DAS… :angry: (= again, just for being able to get the version planned at the time of the KS :roll_eyes:)

If that’s true I may finally just ask to receive the MAS (with free shipping I hope… but with open speakers I dislike and that weren’t the plan at the time to PAY to enter the kickstarter…) instead of burning my $100 coupon + paying $35 shippings to upgrade to DAS, and then I will just try to adapt over-the-ear earphones on that MAS myself…


I think that you can use either jack for normal headphones. For the mas it takes just the channel it needs. This make the cables simpler.

Again, I don’t know for sure but I think that’s the case. @SweViver should know

The pimax 4k has 2 audio jacks for headphones. The 4k headphones each had their own stereo plug and each Jack could be used for stereo headphones on a single jack.

But a good question if first release headsets will need/come with y cable.

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