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Whoo new forum.
I’m super excited.
For us who backed 8K Full Package.
Will we receive our Headset, Base Stations and Controllers all at the same time or will they come separate?
Also, when will we get the kickstarter survey about what we payed extra for ?

you can choose,… if you want you get headset first

First time backed on kickstarter. Could someone say when will be payment? I thought it will be at project end, but my money is still on the card.

My card has been billed, and I’m in the 40’s for backing. I think it works in the order you backed, but it’s going though, as people on the facebook group are confirming their charges going through.

I added and modified my pledge to $1300 to upgrade from 8k x to 8k x full package and also added $140 for the cables and some additional amount to my pledge for any options to get all in one module next May, 2018… but, it is not showing up in my pledge. What can be done about this?

My card change too not updated. But, it is fine. Only the 8k x full package is needed.

I got a mail to fix the card or change the method, but not for editing the pledge amount which is not updated to $1300 from $889.

What can be done about this?

Hey matthew.xu !

This campaign has been incredibly galvanizing ! It’s a great success for pushing QUALITY for VR. How does the PIMAX team feel ?


I think this takes simply a while,… otherwise creditcard companies would close the cards,… they will deposit one after the other,…

Debited for $996, [Early bird] 8K X Full.

I can’t go sleep till payment will be made. Too nervous. Wanna be sure that all ok. Think i’ll play some more Subnautica on 4K then :slight_smile:

By this you mean the controllers and base stations wont be ready in time to ship in January ?

I got depited now,… I am 3tsd smth,… so it will come

Even if you would have problems with the payment you will have 7 days to correct it, so go to sleep ;). But lets hope everything goes smooth.

Ohhh. Thanks for helpful answer.

No but at beginning they said they can send headset in January,… and thought they wont be finished with the controllers before february,… not sure if this is needed at the end as they lowered the risk for the controllers during campaign,…

When will you send out the survey that tells you what exactly we ordered?

Yeah they must be going in order. I have my confirmation email now that my pledge was collected. No 254

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seems it goes top down,…


Just want to say hello and well done PiMax Team for successfully financing this project. The next 3-4 months will definitely go slow for me, waiting for my 8K Headset (Laser tracker integrated) + Controller2 + Base Stations2 to arrive. Take your time though, I personally want quality over delivery speed.