Please make the wireless model quickly, all my 3 headset cable already broken

I have 3 headset , pimax 5k+, 8k , 8k+ and all cables are broken right now.
It use too much money for the replacement.

Not sure how long of warranty of the cable and if I buy the new one and get the low quality cable which be broken in 3 months, do I still need to buy the new one again?

I don’t use the headset often, but it still be easily to be broken.

How long the cable life?

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If yours are KS models (or quite old) replacement cables will likely be thicker and without the bend (part of the design) if yours have have that feature.
Not sure though, as mine was replaced over a year ago and currently a lot of poor quality parts seem to be about in other VR companies and others right now.

My second cable has been great and i will say it always finds a way to get under foot. I have stepped on it many times. I do wear slippers and have developed Spidey Sense when stepping now though, so it never gets my full weight.

Also may depend of if they changed supplier or specs since my replacement.


Might be possible to repair the cables yourself or create a new one cheaper.

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The cable should have 6 month warranty. If the new cable broke in 3 months, you can request a replacement via our CS team.

You can try to contact with our support first regarding your broken cable, maybe they could figure something with it.


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