Please let me know why pimax doesn't produced 8k

I saw the production journal.

I’m wondring for this.

Why pimax doesn’t produced the 8k on 2018 december~ 2019 january.

Pimax produced thousands 5k+ headset for this period.

I want to know that optional ratio 5k: 8k

As far as I know is 5k+ 5095ea vs 8k 774ea from production journal

Is it real?


Because most backers switched to 5k+ also demand and supply.


Pimax’s last update shows 8ks being produced .


Continuing the discussion from Production Progress Update Jan 15/2019:

Happy they started again because I have a low backer number for the 8K and a higher backer number switched to 5K+ which made me needlessly wait longer for any headset

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some got an 8k allready, read yesterday about an backer who got an 8k but has switched to 5k+

If I had known that, I would not have chosen 8k.

Why Pimax doesn’t anounced that 8k would change to a lower priority?

this is the worst.


As far as I can tell, it is the exact same priority (even when it doesn’t make sense).

They are shipping by backer number, so when they at the start made too many 8k’s, they had 8k’s of higher backer numbers waiting in storage until they shipped the 5k’s of the lower backer numbers.


As have been said here. As well switching a line over between products does take a bit of time. While in this case shouldn’t be a big deal to switch over. The benefit of staying on the 5k+ allows them to refine the process & improve quality procedures without delays caused by change overs.