Please give us the option to upgrade the 8k into the 8k x later on

It seems odd for the 5k to be sharper than the more expensive 8k unit. It’s possible that people would prefer the 8k over the 5k+ if they knew that they could upgrade it to the 8k x later on. This would fix the sharpness issue by eliminating the need for a scaler. Others have suggested the idea of upgrading too. It doesn’t have to be a diy kit either.

They could do a send in upgrade, where you pay them money and they give you a printable code to verify payment status. You could then take your 8k and put it in a box with the code you printed and ship it to them. Then once they get your 8k they could check the printed code that you included in the box.

The code could be looked up and give information on payment status. They could check the code to make sure payment was made, then they could upgrade the 8k by removing the scaler and putting a new controller in the headset or a new controller that can support 4k x 2 @90hz. Then they could ship your new 8k x unit back to you.

This would be safer than people taking apart their 8k’s and putting in a new controller. That raises the question though. If Pimax doesn’t make an upgrade path, will people try modifying the 8k themselves? How hard would it be to remove the scaler and add a new controller that can support 4k resolution at 90hz? Another thing is availability. Will these new chips be available to consumers at all?


Wait…so if you drop down to 5K Plus, you can’t upgrade to 8K X?

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I don’t see how it would be any easier to upgrade an 8K to an 8KX than it would be to upgrade a 5K+. Maybe easier with a 5K plus because you just need to replace the screens. I wouldn’t fault Pimax either way, but it would be an interesting option if they choose to do that.


Another great Idea, Let’s hope they enable something like that

The 8k and the 8kx both use 4k screens. The difference is that the 8k has an upscaler built into it, while the 8k x doesn’t. The scaler is used because the controller in the headset can’t handle two 4k screens at 90hz. In theory, the 8k could almost be upgraded to an 8k x by removing the upscaler and upgrading the controller. Although then theres cable bandwidth issues. Afaik one dp can’t do 90hz on 2 4k screens. Might need to upgrade the connector too.

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Please give 8kX backers the option to upgrade to the next one that supercedes the 8kX…see how the cycle can keep going ? It will be unfair if 8k users can upgrade to the 8kX …but those who chose to back the 8kX can’t upgrade to anything… If the 5k and 8k users can get an option to an upgrade then the 8kX backers should also get that option for the next generation headsets in future.

So give 8kX users the right to upgrade to the next version headsets that supercede the 8kX if you allow users to upgrade from 8k. This would make it fair to 8kX backers.

PS. I am highlighting how stupid this whole concept is.

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Uh no. It’s not “unfair” that the 8k x backers have nothing to upgrade to. It’s the highest tier headset…

To upgrade a 5K+ to 8KX, you would still need to install at least 1 new circuit board, modify the headset to install new, larger screens, install a new DisplayPort connector and route the video cable to the back of the headset. Also, you’d need to be extra careful to avoid getting dust in the panel chambers. Of course, the 8K would need to replace 2 circuit boards, as well as the rest of the steps above (except from replacing the screens).

Anyway, your point is valid: Upgrading a 5K+ would not be much harder (but would be significantly more expensive, due to the replacement screens).

It’s that last part (expense) which makes this idea uneconomic. You’d probably do better to sell your old 5K+ and buy a new 8KX. Yes, I know Pimax has said that the 8KX is a limited run, but by the time you can buy a GPU powerful enough to utilize an 8KX, it’s likely that Pimax will be selling an 8K+ or 8KX headset. Why? Because the market will demand it, as soon as an appropriate GPU is available.

er No… The next upgrade is the next one that they invent… I mean the 8kX hasn’t even been made yet…

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gee don’t event think of that…

As much as I hope to get some clarity for specs on the 8K, and answers about nebulous future possibilities for the 8K-X… since at this time the -x isn’t developed, it isn’t the ‘answer’ we’re all really hoping for in terms of 8k/clarity/what’s the ultimate HMD. In a year when it’s developed, it’s going to suffer from the same issue that the current ones do, if not worse - that basically you’ll need the newest ti graphics card to even have a chance of running the 2x4k@90 Hz panels - not to mention the fact that they certainly couldn’t afford to give thousands of loaner sets out during the interim if they allowed backers to upgrade now. Then, if you can’t afford a 3080ti or whatever’s coming when it’s ready you won’t have a great experience with it… and realistically even that generation probably won’t be enough to drive many types of games at full res and refresh.

Honestly, I doubt they will confirm a upgrade path for a product not yet developed with it’s own new costs and challenges they have yet to overcome… that’s just a reality I think we’ll all have to live with.

I think that problem is 8k x may use 2 cables while 8k use only 1 cable.

If they use 2 cable for 8k as same as v1, may be it is possible.

What do you mean by “upgrade”. You ship them the headset and they literally upgrade it? Or you give them the headset and pay the difference and they give you a new headset. I’m asking cause Pimax could end up changing the design of the 16k or whatever. In which case literally upgrading wouldn’t be as easy. If worth it at all.

What do you mean by upgrade. Pimax could end up changing the design to the 8kX to whatever. In which case literally upgrading wouldn’t be as easy. . It is the same scenario. 16k or whatever might not exist, butu 8kX hasn’t been designed either. So there is currently not much difference in scenario.

What I am highlighting is that an upgrade might not be easy or financially feasible even from 8k to 8kX

how to update a Vive into a Vive Pro, The HTC Ultimate Guide

  • buy a Vive Pro
  • sell your old HTC Vive
  • profit

Untested on Pimax, but should works

I sincerely hope pimax will enable backers to directly upgrade to the 8kx