"Please be advised"

I just want to ask a question. I don’t want to insult anyone.
I am not a native english speaker, neither is the pimax staff.
In every big message from pimax the last line is “please be advised”.
Is that something which got confused with translation chinese->english->german (in my brain) ?

I understand sentences like: “Please be advised, that this or that…” But I don’t understand the meaning if you put it alone at the end of a message.

Does it mean I have to read the message carefuly? Is it a chinese phrase which makes less sense in english?

Perhaps a native english or chinese speaker can help me here. Because I was wondering many times. :slight_smile:

(As I said, I don’t mean this question like an insult. I am not a english speaker myself. I am just curious.)


:smiley: Yesterday, me and my wife had some brainstorming about this moment. No success.


Has the resource?

English is not my native language too. I can use only some simple grammar, and sometimes I think in Thai and translate in English and may using wrong word sometimes or some word which not be needed.

“Please be advised” → Please advise (backer advise to pimax?).
But it is passive tense → You will be advised (soon), please… lol , I don’t understand too.

But when I read some topic, may it mean “please wait…”


I beleive the intention simply means along the lines.

Please be patient message received & are working on request/issue.


Yeah, probably some expression that doesn’t translate very well in google.

Point is, pimax should stop saying this


I found a definition of please be advised.

Please be advised

Essentially meaning: “I am an asshole.” The beginning words from someone or something that is about to reject, worry or disappoint you.

Please be advised that our policy does not allow us to accept your complaint.

by Bill in AZ February 18, 2013


Yes, but pimax dosn’t use it in a sentence. It is a sentence. That’s why I don’t understand. An example:

It dosn’t make any sense in this context. That’s why I think it’s a translation thing…

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Outer Limits - Please Standby! :smirk::flushed:

It’s being used in a statement like it means something like , next message will be forthcoming with more info.

Much like a service desk “i’ll do the needful” statement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It always makes me think of “all your base are belong to us” :slight_smile:




‘Please be advised’ in this context just means ‘FYI’ although a regular English speaker wouldn’t put it at the end like that (or anywhere…)

I want to know, if it takes 10 natural days, how many supernatural days does it take? :ghost::ghost::ghost:

It’s just a kind way of saying “please keep this in mind” or “please be aware.” I don’t see anything wrong with it.