Playing Far Cry In VR With A Pimax Crystal Is An Unbelievable Experience!

Tonight I’m checking out the full VR mod for a true classic… Far Cry! I loved this game and all of the early Crytek games back in the day so I can’t wait to experience it again but this time in full virtual reality.

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Many thanks to the mod team of Holger “cabalistic” Frydrych (Lead Programmer), devsnd and praydog for this amazing peice of work! If you have a VR headset you really should pick this one up… the MOD is free and the game is dirt cheap. You can get all the info you need from the mods page here:


Nice to revisit the original in VR and such a great mod. I had owned the game and gave it away years ago but Humble Bundle has it on sale $2.99CA

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