Playing all your 2D movies in 3D

So i found this on reddit.
I hope this thing becomes real, because i do love watching 3d movies with my hmd´s

This could be the thing i searched for years.
I just want to share it, because there may be some interest , here and there.

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There is also bino 3d player. It has been out for years.

You can even watch 3d with anaglyph glasses.

Will need to checkout your find.

Pimax during p4k days in piplay at one time used a modified Kodi fork? to watch videos.

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I miss this feature!

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I think the Kodi vr thing is still around.

Does Bino3d does what i want, convert all my 2d movies into 3d ? That is what this thing above does ?
If so i will try that one.

It does for viewing. But if your looking for converting and saving? Not that I have seen.

But you csn watch any 2d video in 3d and have your choice of a variety of 3d modes from Anaglyph glasses (2 color), sbs, checkerboard etc…

You can adjust 3d effect iirc like parallax

Kind of basic but here is there manual that covers using comnandline.

  • -i, --input modeSet input mode (mono, top-bottom, top-bottom-half, bottom-top, bottom-top-half, left-right, left-right-half, right-left, right-left-half, alternating-left-right, alternating-right-left).
  • -o, --output modeSet output mode (left, right, stereo, alternating, red-cyan-dubois, red-cyan-full-color, red-cyan-half-color, red-cyan-monochrome, green-magenta-dubois, green-magenta-full-color, green-magenta-half-color, green-magenta-monochrome, amber-blue-dubois, amber-blue-full-color, amber-blue-half-color, amber-blue-monochrome, red-green-monochrome, red-blue-monochrome, even-odd-rows, even-odd-columns, checkerboard).

It doew have gui. the above just shows some comandline showing input output.

I will install it again and verify with maybe sone ss of the interface.

Short youtube video. More of a basic intro.

Also has some info


It does makes sbs and half sbs or OU but i cant not see any 3d effect on the picture.
Im not on linux here so i use the gui ^^

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My apologies haven’t redownloaded it. The command line I posted was due to the limited documentation. Last time I ran it was the gui. The command line is more for scripting. Iirc I believe you can use that in part to add this to Kodi?

Are you using it in VR or a 3d monitor? Haven’t tried it in VR so may need to find more info on that side of things.

I did try different things on some movies other stuff seems to work better than with other i did try Virtual desktop on it.
I managed to get 1 movie out of 5 to 3d, superdepht companion app seems also to be a good idea here, needs more testing,thou.
I did also not invest much time , this time, because i do like open brush atm ^^
Time is like always limited.I want to do more testing later in the week.

oh ! so i got it working by now , thank you.