PiVRParty東京 招待&ボランティア 大募集‼️ |PiVRParty Tokyo Invitation& Call for Volunteer!!


PiVRParty 会場 :TBA/東京
PiVRParty日付: 六月29日-30日
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*PiVRParty 東京のボランティア 大募集 :bangbang:
Hi 皆様!PiVRParty東京のボランティアになりたいですか?イベントは6月29·30日に行われる。もし興味があれば私たちに教えてください。下記のメールアドレスに送信してお願いします!ありがとうございます!(chenn.peng@pimaxvr.com受付#PiVRParty東京)

Hello Tokyo!

PiVRParty is happening soon at the end of June. It’s a meetup where we’d love to gather VR enthusiasts and people from the industry to try Pimax HMD in person, and basically, to have some VR fun!

PiVRParty Venue: TBA/ Tokyo

PiVRParty Dates:29-30th, June

Please fill out the reservation form, thank you.

:arrow_right: https://pimaxvr.com/pages/pivrparty?utm_source=forum

*Call for volunteers for PiVRParty Tokyo :bangbang:

Hey, would you like to be a volunteer at #PiVRPartyTokyo if you happen to be in town? The event will be held on 29-30th of June. Let us know if you are interested. Thank you in advance!(please feel free to send an email to chenn.peng@pimaxvr.com Subjected #PiVRParty Tokyo)

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i sent an for volunteer mail :slight_smile:

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