Pitools v76 + firmware?

So it seems that the pitool versions after .76 have rendering problems, with reducing quality on bigger FoV’s. I was wondering if somebody has a link to .76? Also, which firmware version is needed for that and does somebody have a copy of that needed firmware version?



Partly answering my own question, here’s the v76 version:


So, the question is now, what FW version is needed and where can we get it?


lol thank you was about to start pretty much the same topic :+1:


C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime\dfudriver\p2.dfu


Oh yes, good one but cant access the topic, “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

Was thinking about the proximity sensor, since it has been removed, maybe this firware work only with hmd with sensor (like the one Sebastian and Swe had for tests).

Actually when I received it it has 0.76 firmware but had issues with USB so I flashed it right away and never tried 0.76. since 0.84 got release a few days before.
Then got it detected on 0.84 but stable only after usb issues solved (using PCIe card) so I never tried it with usb card on 0.76.
I should give it a try yes, just dont want to do something wrong with it since :

A few days ago I asked if a late switch to 5k+ was possible (without even having the 100$) cause when Xun announced the 5kBE, said switch was available for already received headset and my 1080Ti couldnt really handle the 8k with pitool 1.25 or 1.5 that is needed to have the best clarity of the headset.

Actually at first when asked 8k or 5k+ I asked something different…since it was a full 8k package, I asked if I could adjust pledge to get 2 naked units of 5k+ instead of a full 8k package but they replied me “will send you 8k”. Even with one in time and other later could have been ok of course, just not 2 units at once, for availability.

Support checked out the hmd and reported nothing wrong with it, however a second session was planned but didnt happen.
Today I received email telling me I can send back the “broken hmd”, without additional transport fee but 20% of the product price for refurbishing and get a 5k+.
Just like if I did brake it and ask for a switch :frowning:

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Hmmm… Same for me.

Hmm never realized it was in a restricted area of this forum. Anyway just upped it in a new thread:



I will wait to see what support reply about that switch with refurbish before even flashing it I think :thinking:

Not sure what to make of this thread. Is 0.76 much better than all subsequent versions?

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Something about better performance and visuals maybe…?

Confirmed? I am happy to try going back tbh

Well based on this video from Sweviver the .84 version has tons of rendering issue’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGyuX6tnEno

And several people reported on .90 that the wide FoV has much worse rendering quality than the smallest FoV. So for the moment it seems you will want to use .76. That’s at least the version I’m going to use when I receive mine.

Keep in mind that with Pimax, very very often a lower version is better than the latest version.

EDIT never mind, v.84 comes with a working FW file. It seems the FW file included in v.076 is botched …

Ok so I downloaded some even older version. Now the .84 pitools has a FW file from october. The .7x pitools versions all have FW files from august. I suspect that the included FW file with the .7x pitools version might not be pimax 5k+ compatible at all …

I guess this means that we’re now, at least for the moment, stuck with worse rendering …


Shame. How can an update make things worse? :wink:

Ho-ho, welcome to the world of software engineering. Where we make everything worse with every release.


So far there have been multiple reports saying that the rendering quality was worse with larger FOV but some people didn’t notice any issues. I brought up the following point (click the dropdown button):


However, I haven’t heard any responses yet about whether anyone had tested it. Would you mind comparing the quality with and without the manual override and see if that is causing the issue?

So which pitool version should I start with???

Well if you can get .76 to work, that seems to be currently yield the best render quality. But it’s difficult to get it starting since it’s using an old FW and we don’t seem to have that. The FW included in the .76 package doesn’t seem to work.

I think the problem is that even at render setting 1.0, the rendered image size is enormous as of version .84. And if you just undersample SS at for example 25%, the quality goes really hard down the drain. At least that’s what I understood (still waiting on my own HMD, hopefully friday)