Pitools settings

I have the 8K+. Can someone explain in simple terms what do these settings do?

Fixed Foveated Rendering (FFR) reduces the rendering resolution in your peripheral vision so that the GPU has less work to render resulting in higher frames per second. Close means FFR is off, aggressive, Balanced and conservative are different levels of rendering resolution reduction from high to low. The theory behind FFR is that humans have only very high resolution in the middle of their field view which only has a radius about 5°. Beyond that radius the eye resolution quickly degrades.


Note that FFR (Fixed Foveated Rendering) changes the rendering in a fixed area, so you can see the low-resolution areas if you look away from the center of the display.

DFR (Dynamic Foveated Rendering) can be used to dynamically change where the reduced rendering is applied (if you have an eye tracker), such that you (optimally) never end up looking at the low-resolution part of the image.

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